Rumored nude photos of resigned Miss Thailand World

Resigned Miss Thailand World 2005

When Miss Thailand World 2005 made the sudden announcement that she was resigning only 10 days after winning the crown the rumors started immediately of the existence of nude photos. None turned up until today. And here it is. Doesn’t seem to be much to get excited about. She is, after all, wearing boots. And you can’t really see anything R-rated.

This photo is from a Thai language newspaper called Daily News. Apparently there are a couple other similar photos that were shown on a Thai TV talk show.

One positive: she actually looks better in this photo than the photos from the Miss Thailand World pageant.

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  1. On Thai TV this morning Angie had yet another press conference and came clean on the whole nude photos issue (which she previously denied). She held up a portfolio containing the photos. There were about 3 or 4 of her nude but not exposing any naughty parts. The other ones are probably posted somewhere on the internet, but not really worth searching for IMO.

    I’ll try to remember border=1 and center 🙂

  2. William, on your site I read that Angela McKay is also known as Aschara McCline or Tiffany Taylor.

    Tiffany Taylor (a Playboy model in the late 90’s)? Do they really think that Angela would be that stupid if she really had a career behind her as Tiffany that she would attend the Miss Thailand pageant?

  3. We presented it as she is known as Angela McKay and Aschara McCline.

    And furthermore that bloggers are claiming that Angela is actually Tiffany Taylor also. A point that we take with great suspicion as stated in the conclusion of the article.

    We doubt (I personally totally do not think) that Angela is Tiffany, but as it is making strong rounds in blogs, we felt it pertinent to point out.

    I think the article was clear that we don’t lend this any credit..? I’ll re-read it and see if it is unclear…

    Cheers guys!


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