Star Trek babe: Linda Park

Star Trek babe: Linda Park

A couple of years ago I was a Star Trek fan. But that passion (unlike my passion for Asian women ;-)) faded away. I did see the first season of the newest TV series Star Trek Enterprise, and immediately noticed Korean beauty Ensign Hoshi Sato played by Linda Park. So now it’s time to do some research on her.

I found out she posed for FHM in September 2003. The photo’s can be seen here and here. And smaller sizes at the bottom of this posting. There was some fuss about Linda being misquoted in the FHM article. She wanted to clear the air about that herself. Read what she had to say. Want to read everything she has to say? Then go to Linda’s Post Archive.

Linda Park official site with info and photo’s
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Linda Park featured in a forum (lot’s of pictures!)
More and better pictures@ RobbsCelebsA mini biography

Born in Korea in 1978 and raised in San Jose, California, Linda Park began performing in theatre productions in high school and went on to study acting at Boston University where she received a B.F.A. Only one year after graduation, she joined the cast of Enterprise as Ensign Hoshi Sato.

Prior to landing that role in 2001, Park had just completed filming “Jurassic Park III.” She has also guest-starred on the television series Popular. Her stage credits include “Mad Forest,” “Lysistrata,” “Cyrano,” “Richard III” and “The Trojan Women.”

Park currently lives in Los Angeles. She is a bronze-level international Latin ballroom dancer and a certified actor combatant by the Society of American Fight Directors.

(biography from:

To be honest, I don’t really like the make-up she has in this FHM photoshoot:

Linda Park in FHM (Photography: Eric Cahan)

Linda Park in FHM (Photography: Eric Cahan)

Linda Park in FHM (Photography: Eric Cahan)

I like her more natural style:

Star Trek babe: Linda Park

Or with this make-up:

Star Trek babe: Linda Park

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  1. I sat through many episodes of Enterprise to watch Linda, but in the end I just couldn’t make it any more (Enterprise is easily the worst Star Trek series IMHO). I always thought she looked remarkably like Sachiko (very similar facial proportions), but prettier (although this may be mainly due to makeup) – Sachiko herself agrees with me! So given my taste she is very attractive for me.

    Don’t know why I didn’t think to post about this one either – once again, I guess I just couldn’t see what was right in front of me!

  2. oops, didn’t think of it. i thought only about another korean-american beauty, in another boring sci-fi tv series…

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  4. Hi Zam, good suggestion to move the search option to the top of the site. Will change that in the next update!

    As for the links by subject title, just click on Archives and you will get what you want (or not?)

  5. Hi i have a magazine that she said she was related to Ray Park aka Darth Maul and Toad …from the movies…

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