Shu Qi: Actress and occasional adult model

Shu Qi

You guys may have mentioned her before, but I figured she is hot enough to warrant a post.

One of East Asia’s most popular actresses, Shu Qi (a/k/a: Hsu Chi, Shu Kei, Li-Hui Lin) is a frequent star of the region’s best films. In addition to being an onscreen force, she is a stunningly beautiful woman whose soft features and exotic face make us want to learn Cantonese as soon as possible.After establishing herself as a model and soft porn actress, Shu Qi branched out into mainstream film. She is known for starring in Gorgeous with Jackie Chan and the international hit, So Close. Shu Qi is by and large an actress in Chinese films, but she impressed American audiences in her first and only English film, 2002’s The Transporter.

Full story and some *nice* hi-res (and weak) semi-nude low-res movie stills on the full story.

Having the luxury of a Reuters/AP wire photo database in China, I have to admit I got lazy and only did a cursory Google investigation for nudes. Now I leave it to you experts to scour for the good stuff (and tell the rest of us!) 🙂

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  1. Uh, first of all, learn Mandarin and not Cantonese since she is originally from Taiwan.

    The deal on her is that she started doing nude modeling in Taiwan at age 17, photos and some soft core videos. She then came to HK and appeared in a couple of soft core movies and somehow managed to make the jump from that to mainstream films. She’s had several nominations for supporting actress and actress at Hk and Taiwan film awards, winning more than once.

    These days not so many movies but frequent magazine covers. And the newsstands on the streets in HK still do good business selling repackaged versions of the porn she did years ago.

    Back in the days when she was going with Leon Lai, I had a friend who lived in the same building as Leon. He told me he’d often see her in the elevator in the mornings as he was leaving for work and that in person she was just as hot or even hotter than her photos.

  2. Mandarin is her mother tongue, but as she’s been working in HK for so long I believe she speaks Cantonese most of the time now.

    Interestingly, she tried to succeed in Taiwan before moving to HK, but they weren’t interested!

  3. Did she do soft porn? :-\ What is the definition of soft porn? All nude? Or also sex, without seeing intercourse? Please enlighten me on this one William and gweilo.

  4. Robin –

    Sorry for the late reply, just noticed this open-ended thread…

    Yes she did soft porn (see picture stills linked at bottom of original post).

    Soft porn (n) – 1. Pronography in which you may see the whole of the female or male body and implied or actual sex scenes without visible or detailed views of gentials; 2. Hardcore pornography which has censored or cut scenes depicting genitals and does not depict male ejaculation. See also: Playboy, Playboy TV.


    Shu Qi did the first sort of soft porn by the way…

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