Rin Suzuka


Rin Suzuka is a JAV model. She looks older to me than her age (26). But I like her photos, and that refined look, so here you go.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Tokyo




Gallery 1
Gallery 2
Gallery 3
Gallery 4

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0 thoughts on “Rin Suzuka”

  1. she has a nice set of little perky ones i like.pic 5 and 7 look like she is sucking in her gut or is it just me?

  2. I’m not sure about the hair being kinda messy looking all the time but overall i think she’s pretty good

  3. Not sad, just reflective.

    I see no gut sucking here. That’s usually reserved by necessity for Asian-Americans.

    I like her. Lovely feminine body, pretty face. But yeah, she looks about 35, not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  4. Great pick Travis!
    She is hot and even has a nice smile! You can’t go wrong with a woman like her.

  5. hair messy… LOVELY! I disagree with Mr. Stroup though; looking more so at the skin and the creases in it… I would definitely say she is under 30 in these pictures. That includes possibilities of Photoshop and make-up, as you can definitely see how those two affect the skin – although you can see make-up, there is definitely a sign of younger skin! 0.o Overall, she is pretty hot, though too desperate.

  6. Hard to define her age, but late 20s and early 30s seems fine.

    Rin has some nice tits! Hot lets too.

    Batsu: what do you mean ‘desperate’?

  7. She looks like she could be 26 to me, and damn fine too! Actually, the fact that she doesn’t make me feel like a pedophile is a bonus for me, and her breasts are lovely.

  8. She’s great…what a nice, curvy body. And you just can’t beat a lap of hair, but I do love that ‘red panty’ shot!

  9. I mean desperate in that she looks like she is trying too hard to pose for these photos. In some, it almost seems as if she is trying to over-expose herself in comparison to other AV models as if she were not confident in herself. That pretty much summarizes what I meant by desperate. ;p

  10. Deleted, banned and blacklisted.

    Man, keeping up with spammers is a full time job these days – I only wish Marco put AS on modern software, so it would be easier to block them automatically. But it’s too much work to move it now.

  11. All you need to find is a young computer guy with lots of spare time to appreciate asian women to do it cheaply for ya. 🙂

  12. lol Doc (still tapping my foot, waiting).
    send their CVs to me. With pics of course! I can offer you my time to set up interviews with the hottest ones.
    Someone as hot as Ms Suzuka perhaps?

  13. While you’re updating my website, honey, maybe you could remove your clothes and pose for a picture?

    Heh, heh! A long shot perhaps, but worth a try?

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