Jiao Jiao


Jiao Jiao I think is a METCN model. I only could find this gallery. But I found name this time, and even though it’s not a real name, I’m pretty pleased with myself for that one. The photos are so large that I only posted a few below but you can find the entire gallery at the link.Stats:

None. She doesn’t look Chinese to me either. Not sure.





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  1. Holy crap. Now this girl ain’t from Gympie.

    She could use a meat pie or two however. But as long as she eats and didn’t throw up after every time you take her to dinner, I reckon she could be a take-home choice.

    (disclaimer: Most ladies DO in fact throw up after a date with me… but thats more to do with how i look naked, and not because I have a preference for anorexic girls…..)

  2. Assuming it’s not photoshopped, that is one hell of an ass! Must have been cold when she was posing for these pictures as well:-)

  3. sigh..or maybe that should be a growl! Seems my proxy servers have been killed off here in China. Thank God I still can get access to AS for tidbits – or tit bits (hehe). But I can’t access the extra pics of Jiao Jiao on Metcn.
    Ditto Model Mayhem, a favorite site of mine – tons of asian models there..drool.
    Oh and hey..kroos..you came down out of the tree now the floods have gone? welcome back.

  4. Yes indeed!…that is one fantastic set of buns. Her body is absolutely perfect. Love her cute nose also.

  5. Damn that’s a tight body (and a pretty good face, too). I wish we could dig up some more sets of this model.

    I’m not seeing any more of her listed under “Jiao Jiao” or Jiao, but I think I may have spotted a LITU model that might be her.

    I’ll have to do some more research later. Work, work , work!

  6. She doesn’t look as tight in these photos, but that could just be normal variation, and the overall body form is similar. More importantly though, it does look like her face (which is quite distinctive, especially her nose job), so I’d say that yes it is her.

  7. very awesome find, beautiful slender body, love her collarbone looks extra feminine. and beautiful face. great great find

  8. I kept looking at show83’s links to see if it was the same girl — and kept looking and looking and looking. Damn, it’s morning now!!

  9. Dr. Lee, it seems as though the scumbag spammer is back. Sobia’s links are the same as those posted by the moron you had to ban earlier.

  10. Although the URLs are different, they are from the same domain, which I’ve blocked – hopefully that will stop them.

    There are some nasty pop-ups in show83’s links, but that seems to be par for the course with free adult sites these days (apart from this one!). If you want to go to free porn sites, make sure you are very well protected from malware – or just use a Mac.

  11. A Mac is no guarantee for avoiding intrusion and infections these days. Sure they are far less targeted than PC’s, but as long as software like Safari, Java and Adobe products are used, there are security holes ready to be exploited.

    Users of any OS should use proper security and be mindful when they use their computers. Of course, Mac users can still get away with being a bit less careful…at least for the time being.

    I advise my clients to install the free WOT (Web of Trust) add-on to all their browsers (as well as other security products). While not perfect, WOT will help keep you from going to many sites with bad practices and reputations. (Note: Asian-Sirens.com is rated as “Excellent” by WOT.)

  12. One more thing regarding security. I am using the latest Firefox browser with AdBlock Plus, WOT and NoScript add-ons installed. I get no pop-ups whatsoever from show83’s links.

  13. Fabulous body topped by a beautiful face. Everybody already mentioned all the great things about her. It’s hard to come across such a perfect woman.

  14. @Bigfoot: while what you are saying is true in theory, in practice it doesn’t work out this way. None of these exploits have ever actually led to any malware in the wild on Mac, and there haven’t been any viruses on OS X yet either. There have been a few trojans, but the user has to expressly allow these to do their thing (although it is of course possible to do this without thinking). But I do keep up with my security updates just in case. 🙂

  15. Oh yes: I would strongly recommend that everyone install a Flash blocker – it’s the number one vector for attacks these days, and the number one source of annoying ads!

    BTW, for those wondering about such things as Pwn2own, the hackers there have physical access to the machines. That’s very different from malware on the web.

  16. Actually Doc, I’m fairly certain the Air w/Safari was pwned in a remote attack at CanSecWest.

    And most (but not all) PC infections involve some sort of user interaction as well. What Mac users should be concerned about going forward is the constant improvement in social engineering methods used to trick users into OKing these installs. That and, any major increase in personal computing market share for Apple is likely to come with an increased number of attacks.

    But it is true that, for now, Macs are less prone to infections for a variety of reasons.

  17. All the CanSecWest exploits are performed with physical access to the machines – that’s part of the show. Personally I think it’s a bit silly – they spend months preparing their exploits, but they make it look as though they break into the machines in seconds. Apple’s more closed ecosystem is inherently more secure – we’re already seeing Android malware, but there hasn’t been any on the iPhone yet, despite its massive popularity.

  18. Well, gents, I must admit
    From Sirens I’ve been
    Away, just abit.

    Though I’ve popped in and out
    There’s been just a drought
    Of Sirens my fire to light
    [To Travis I mean no slight.]

    This night I lay in my bed
    Both drowsy and too well fed.
    Doc’s Asian Sirens popped open
    Always wishin’, always hopin’.

    Then I saw Jiao
    And my mind just said WOW.
    It was time
    To have some rhyme.

    But, nothing can capture
    Her beauty, her rapture.
    Describable not with words
    Only pictures preferred.

    So I leave you to gaze
    No more can I praise
    As I sleep may I be blessed
    To see her in a dream, I request.

  19. She looks the same tightness to me in the other photos. She just has two things going on in this one that make it even better.

    – On her tip toes she gets the benefit of the “high heel” butt and legs, which is one of the reason women tend to look so much better walking in them.

    – The tan skin makes the skin look less soft, which in turn makes her body look tighter. But she still looks to have an amazing body in the other photos as well, her skin just looks softer.

    I like her a lot.

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