Unknown Chinese Model – Some Number


I came across this model some time ago from one of those unknown model sites. She’s cute right? I had nothing on her but it seemed a shame to just waste a perfectly attractive model. So here you go.



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  1. Not THAT hot, but still cute. Could be that I am jaded from seeing young twenty-something student hotties like this every day around the campus on the walk to work.
    Dad loves his work 😉
    Thanks for the link though Travis..I spent a few hours at meiqu.net mmmmmm!

  2. Nice girl and nice site Travis.
    Pity there’s so little to go with this girl.

    The top picture seems to have been professional taken and has had some info blurred out.

    She’s certainly good looking enough to be a professional model.

  3. Shot in the dark but I think the first letter of the first word is I or J and the first letter of the second word is M.

    So her initials could be IM or JM, though it could be photog or agency too.

  4. @TheCollector: I think this should have been continued in the previous thread. Anyway, I’m not sure the experience of MySpace translates to Twitter – News Corp bought it, restricted it, tried to monetise it, then destroyed it. There is a more general lesson here though: MySpace never made money when News Corp bought it, yet for some reason they thought it would. And so it is with the other social networking sites.

  5. I find our beautiful Unknown Chinese Model more interesting and attractive than Twitter, MySpace, and (dare I say it?) Facebored combined. Best part–only stunning photos of her–no pictures of babies, pets, or food. Yum.

  6. Used a translator for the site (my-translator) for firefox. We’ll call it a dating site. No names for anyone.

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