Rika Hashimoto


Rika Hashimoto is a Japanese model and race queen. There is no way she is 100% Japanese, but she’s not famous enough to have her own Wikipedia page, so I couldn’t find any evidence what the rest of her is. Likely black, but 50%? 25%? 31.41592653%?Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese/?
Located: Japan











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  1. I have to disagree with Travis: I think she could easily be just Japanese (as much as anyone is just Japanese these days) – perhaps she is Okinawan, and almost certainly has some facial surgery. Whatever she is though, she has a really nice body!

  2. Her legs and body proportion are fantastic. It is a unique look, very sexy IMO. I might have guessed Thai if I didn’t know better.
    Whoever told her it is cute to smile without showing her teeth should find a different job.

  3. Without some of the more ‘daffy’ poses (especially some with her mouth / lips), she’s actually not too bad.

    Would love to see her with fewer clothes. Especially her oversided bikini and short…dreadful!

  4. She’s just so Hot. Maybe I’m crazy, but when I first saw her I got a Charmane Star kinda vibe from her. The way her mouth and eyes look along with her facial expressions. Then I saw the fourth set above and felt it again. Maybe she’s a Japanese/filipina mix.

  5. lol. Next week her Wikifiction page will say she’s 1/3 black.

    She looks full asian to me.

    She’s just got Restylane dermal filler in her lips.

  6. I was gonna if she is mixed at all (I live here in Japan and see many girls like her, well not THIS hot but…) I would say half thai or filipina. I will go with 100% Japanese though!

  7. When she does her close mouthed smile she looks identical to my girlfriend’s best mate. Probably a good idea Rika is not an AV performer! The bikini pics are freaking me out enough as it is.
    Best friend is 100% Japanese btw.

  8. Pretty and sexy looking.

    I’m not sure about that white father thing Dr. Lee.

    I don’t get any sort of part caucasian vibe from her at all. Of course I could be wrong but as others point out if she were a mix it would be more of a south east asian or pinay type than white.

    But she could be “full” Japanese too, I mean, Miss Japan from a few years ago Hiroko Mima looks mixed with other asian but apparently she is as far as I know only Japanese.

  9. Like I said, I thought she was just Japanese, but the person who told me this appeared to have some inside info. Still, the reality these days is that very few people are full anything anymore, especially in Asia it seems – I guess because all the other guys in the world want to marry them. 🙂

  10. Travis, your last links didn’t work for me:-(

    No telling what her complete ethnic background is, but it’s fun looking at her enough to try to guess.

  11. In some pictures (like the very first one in this post) she looks a bit like Reon Kadena (one of my personal favs). In others she looks completely different.

    I’d have to see her naked to give a fair assessment of her, though. :#)

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