ID Request (and Tila’s Latest Publicity Stunt)

While researching a possible article for Tila Tequila’s latest publicity stunt (yeah, I’m sick of those too, but it is big Asian model news right now), I came across this video. Who is this cute Japanese girl with such a great body and such fabulous tits?

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  1. Thanks Gooner! It appears you are right, but stuff from this model is extraordinarily hard to find. Looks like she only did two DVDs (Almost AV Red and Yellow) and that’s it – I guess that’s why she isn’t a superstar.

  2. I think maybe those are some of the best tits I have ever ever seen in my entire life. They do make me happy at least.

  3. @ Dr. Lee

    This search below leads to at least 3 separate videos staring a “Mika Shindo”. I can’t promise its the same Mika Shindo, but I think so.

    One of the vids seems like standard Japanese produced porn and is, I think, the source for the animated GIF.

    The other 2 are fairly kinky and extreme and UNCENSORED videos from

  4. I think it may be a girl called Shiori Koike. The bathroom where she’s showering looks very similar in the video I found. Unfortunately I can’t upload the video as the activities soon go beyond mere showering, into prohibited territory as far as Asian Sirens is concerned, and there is none of the mosaic effect that you can see at the end of the video shown here – which is still well worth watching, and certainly shows off her splendid tits to advantage.

    See what happens when you google Shiori Koike. Unless my eyes are failing me you’ll find she looks very like the girl in the shower here.

  5. Dear Dr. Lee,

    Thank you for your comments. I didn’t have a chance to look at their tits side by side – I’m sure there’s come technical wizardry that would have enabled me to do this – and so it was just from memory that I was making a size comparison. Obviously not a reliable method.

    But where both girls are concerned, their tits are still eminently viewable.

    By the way, I am obviously being hopelessly naive, but do the thumbnails under the names of the advisors necessarily represent who they are? I can see that under Sachiko it is Mrs. Maclean but she seems to appear under your name as well. Confusing again. Where are we on this one?

  6. I see I commented on this last summer, though I’d forgotten. That was in a different existence before I mislaid my password and my user name had to change.

    But the shower girls tits still remain stunning by any standards.

    Changing the subject slightly, does anyone know a Japanese pornstar named RAN ASAKAWA? Has she ever featured here? I am trying to get hold of DVDs of her earlier work. To my mind her performances are some of the most memorable in the AV world.

  7. Aaah, Ran is one of my favorites. Not the most beautiful of JAV stars, but certainly distinctive looking.

  8. Thanks Wingsfan19. Actually I’d forgotten to look at the archive and there’s a picture of her there looking decidedly sultry. She obviously looks good totally naked but it’s that black lingerie she favours that makes perhaps an even more powerful impression. And no matter what she’s doing she never seems to take those little blue earrings off.

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