Tiffany Lajola


Tiffany Lajola is a lovely model from Hawaii. She has stunning eyes, and amazing smile, wonderful cheeks and… well, everything about her is just great. Visit her portfolio for more photos.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: ?
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Hawaii





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0 thoughts on “Tiffany Lajola”

  1. Hey that’s my sister in law. Just kidding, if she was it would be a short rocky marriage or her sister, my wife, would have to be hotter.

    Stunning indeed.

  2. What is she Filipino? I really like the third picture from the top.

    This Asian beauty would make a great candidate for Guess Her Muff 2.0 but does she do nudes? I am thinking she doesn’t because I didn’t see any in her profile.

    No matter, I would guess her muff is clean shaved and totally bald.

    It is a fun website and I love playing the guessing game but GuessHerMuff2 need more Asian girls for my taste.

  3. During a previous incarnation I lived in Hawaii for more than a decade. Found myself falling in love (or at least lust) about three times each day. For several years the object of most of my attention was a young lady who was Chinese, Hawaiian, Guamanian and Scot.
    There really are some awesomely beautiful women there.

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