Rika Aiuchi


Rika Aiuchi is going to be a huge hit with a lot of you. She may not be my type, but the Doc should like her. She has two enormous… personalities. If that’s your thing, you should click the “More” button.Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan














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0 thoughts on “Rika Aiuchi”

  1. Wow…she makes me tingly all over!

    I know some of us will love the size of her breasts while others will frown at her areolas, but isn’t the variety great???

  2. “BIg Tits”, for here body, are they “Real”? Think so… cute face, body somewhat too fat and boring…

  3. Date of birth: 11 December 1986
    Birth place: Tokyo, Japan
    Height: 156cm(5′ 1.5″)
    Body: 96(H Cup), W61 H87
    Body: 38″, W24″ H34″

  4. Well, omigod, you just have to love that. Beautiful face, very natural body, alabaster skin… what I would consider some of the best of Japanese female facial features… she made my day! She even smiles. Body has lots of curves, not fat, just a little voluptuous, which isn’t a bad turn on the usual. Not a hardbody, just a softbody. A soft-shelled sweetie. Cuddle up and get comfortable kind of body… we should be so lucky.

  5. Gynormous, perhaps, but at least in the pix they are amazingly proportional with the rest of her figure (kind of recalling that shoulder-hip ratio discussion a few posts back.) All-in-all, well put together.

    Her movie, “Masochist Teacher”, oddly reminds me of a few of my own school teachers in the past, but in a somewhat different manner.

  6. even without the two big “personalities”, i think shes pretty cute…those are just an extra large bonus!

  7. ….nice work travis…I’m torn between taiwan (maureen chen) and japan this month….oh what the hell…put it on visa…i’ll take both

  8. very rare find. beautiful. almost want to see some pictures of her in a dress and see how she fills it out. anyone have any links to her videos?

  9. Not a huge fan of the breast shape, nor the really large areola but still pretty attractive overall. How many people decided not to hit the more button after that write up I wonder 😛

  10. I for one love the large breats and areolas. Imagine those things wrapped up inside a tube top; every man in Tokyo would drool at the sight. I wish to marry this woman.

  11. Absolutely phenomenal! I’m usually not big on huge breasts but I have been known to make exceptions! ^^

    Not the best Japanese face I’ve ever seen but I love her body and that first pic is just incredible! That pose totally and completely slays me! *drool*

  12. Never been a fan of her breasts (can’t stand the huge nipples) but gotta admit I really love her face and have for a long time. One of my favorite JGirls.

  13. I think her nipples are very proportional for the size of her large and luscious breast. If they were little, it just wouldn’t look right.

  14. Not too big…at 5′ 1″ her hips are…”pronounced”…?
    Either way, who’s quibbling?

  15. Thanks mystik. If that interview is real she seems to be a bit conservative. It makes her even more cute.

    And she used to play baskteball. She must have been a pretty sight playing it.

    Probably she’s pursuing other options away of AV. But it’s a shame to stop watching her.

  16. How can someone argue that Rika Aiuchi is not a great porn performer? Rika Aiuchi is probably one of the best performer of her JAV generation at S1 (her generation included Maria Ozawa and Minori Hatsune). S1 is the major porn studio in Japan, btw.

    Her face just exudes sexuality in ways that few actresses can, and she is very enthusiastic in all her videos. She really stands out in the 2009 year Tsubaki (the all-stars video of S1). She also has a very good video with Ayumi Ayukawa and Meisa Hanai.
    Of the current crop of S1 actresses maybe Saijou Ruri might come close to her.

  17. BTW, i thinks that interview on the site posted by mystikiel is fake (a suspicion not helped by the fact that she probably has nothing to do at all with that website).
    The content is off too, in this interview in Japanese she basically says the complete opposite, “I am super excited during my shoots,” “I want to try many men at the same time.”

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