Kitty Chang


Kitty Chang is an amateur model from Japan. According to her profile, she is 200% a person. Pretty impressive for such a cute girl.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Japanese/Filipina
Located: Japan








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0 thoughts on “Kitty Chang”

  1. “Surely it’s Kitty Chan and not Chang.”

    Probably here stage name.

    Pretty yes, but my wife out “sirens” this one.

  2. Does nothing for me sadly enough; maybe I’m just to tired. At the moment, she puts me in mind of a little country girl playing dress-up in her mother’s clothing.

  3. Whenever I see someone this perenially sad in pics, I think it is because of perenially bad dental work.

  4. “sweet sixteen” is what it says on the profile, and what it’s the profile reads like.

  5. Definitely a cutie. Perhaps it’s the angles in some of the shots but she appears to be shorter than her listing of 5’6. Or maybe it’s just me?

    Also, in that final pic she looks like a “lady of the night”… ^^;;

  6. Definitely an amateur debut, but everybody starts somewhere. You have to love her description of her genes: HALF JAPANESE/FILIPINA/SPANISH/CHINESE. What a mix, 2 girls’ worth for sure. Very cute girl, I hope she can make it. That’s a Filipina pout I think. When you have lips like that, best way to show them off probably.

  7. And yet, sadly, the last pic is the one that looks most natural. Poor girl needs a new photographer.

  8. Yep, a real cutey, very natural which is the charm here. Maybe a new photographer and a someone to choreograph her poses.

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