Amy Latina


Amy Latina was requested by a reader. Her portfolio is fairly large. Modeling is her hobby, and she is looking to expand her portfolio.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’0
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: UK






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  1. small boobs, masculine face, body is fairly average. sorry not for me. i feel the first pic up top is her best but i would it down to really good photography.

  2. “Do not want.”

    I don’t know how anyone can say that after the first two pics. I like that she doesn’t look cherubic in her features and that she actually does look like a model. Not tall enough, sure, but still very nice looking.

  3. A cutie and natural beauty. And unlike the naysayers here, I wouldn’t say to her “eh.. no thanks” if given the opportunity.

  4. Maybe not the greatest to be featured here on A-S, but not bad at all. She certainly has a very nice and sexy naked body. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  5. Typical filipina with the small boobs, petite body, tanned skin. I’m a filipina lover and she’s hot for me.

    She could be in the UK working as a nurse. Lots of similar cases.

  6. I think she is allright, she has quite a square face that the photography accentuates in many pics. I think she also gets a funny pout when she is trying to look sexy. Her portfolio shows she has a nice smile she should use it more 🙂

  7. First pic is her best with the extra light softening face. Still come on guys! Whose gonna pass that up. Of course that strong face may come with a very serious lady behind it. Along as I come away in one piece, I willing.

  8. The blokes are arse over tit over Amy. Bully for them. I’m with the Luker on this one – alright + some interesting photography. The posing and camera angles also make her look taller than the mere 5 feet. Probably all of 5 stone, to boot.

  9. This one seems to be a polariser! And oddly, I feel she’s polarised me – although she isn’t my usual type, I find her strangely attractive and quite sexy. She seems quite unpretentious and comfortable with her body (which is a refreshing change from some of the “I’m too good for nudity” divas we’ve had on here recently), and has a healthy, natural look. There’s also a natural raunchiness to her – I get the impression she really enjoys… well, you know! She’s quite pretty with the right makeup too.

  10. Works for me…but I’m not that picky!

    The only thing I’d request of any model is to leave some hair in their lap. I’m really over the manequin look!

  11. d8nVN: I wouldn’t pass her up but what does that really say? She has a decent body but her ultra-masculine face leaves a bit to be desired.

    She just doesn’t do it for me… but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it. ^^;;

  12. I’m with AmericanArsenal…a little hair or even a lot, isn’t a bad thing. I also like her nipples.

  13. Wow, she’s freaking hot especially that first pic. She certainly doesn’t look like any guys I know.

  14. ODD that this sexy young woman generated such negative response?? You can punch-my-ticket ANY day AMY! 😀

  15. Very sensual lips, full and promising.
    You are very sexy Amy.
    Is it just me or in some photos (4 and 5 above) she reminds me of Tia Carrera? Probably just the lips I guess.
    Picture 2 for me is quite a good shot. The cherries being touched by her lips and that they seem similar in size to her cute nipples does not go unnoticed
    (Would love to see a fun smile from her though)

  16. …she looks a little like MAggie Q in the face on the first shot…more of a chinese mix than a phililpines..

  17. Her jaw is squarish, yes, but overall I find her attractive. I agree with Luke72 that she should smile more. I’m kind of surprised the Doc likes her — wonders never cease.

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