Replay does an Asian


A lttle while ago I complained about the fact that in my opinion few Asian models are being used in Western advertisements. But I just found another one!These three are (I presume) by Replay Jeans. I wonder if there are any more in this (for some ppl perhaps somewhat disturbing) series? And does anyone know the model? (not the dude of course! ;-))



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  1. Impressive!
    But I’ve seen tons of Asian women in ads in all media, so I don’t share your views on the lack of them.

  2. luvjgirls, next time when u see a Western advertisement (of a major company) with Asian women, let me know! πŸ˜‰ (Maybe it’s just Europe that does not use Asian babes?)

  3. I love that one pic where she’s bent over that Jeep having her hair pulled. I know in print media, there is not only a lack of Asian women, but there is still a lack of diversity. Besides Jarah Mariano, I can’t think of any Asians that are featured in a major ad campaign. And she isn’t featured as much as the other models for Victoria’s Secret are.

    Speaking of advertisements, a few years ago I saw this insert for a cologne by CK, and I am not sure who the chick was, but she was so stunning that I had to scan it.

  4. It’s like most runway models of the fasion industry, almost always the boring blonde or brunette type. At least that’s what I always see. Victoria’s Secret, it seems, is also lacking the asian persuasion it needs.

  5. thanks for fixing it Dr. Lee
    you guys are so silly :)~
    Look at the first pic, the female model was checking the male model too.

  6. The first girl seems really naughty to me!

    Kim, i agree with lawboy, most probably that model is gay. But I have my own 6pack, if you like that. πŸ™‚

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