Indonesia Playboy editor acquitted!

A court cleared the editor of Playboy Indonesia on Thursday of distributing indecent pictures to the public and making money from them after a high-profile trial that exposed deep divisions in the Muslim-majority nation.

Editor-in-chief Erwin Arnada had argued the magazine was good for developing a pluralistic society, while the prosecution and Islamic hardliners who have regularly attended his high-profile trial said he had “harmed the nation’s morals.”

Efran Basuni, the presiding judge at the South Jakarta court, said the prosecution’s arguments “could not be accepted” and “were not diligent” because they failed to take account of Indonesian media laws created after the 1998 downfall of President Suharto’s regime that ushered in press freedom.

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    This comment is in breach of our posting guidelines, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to express your opinions on religion etc. – the comments below are fine. Just try to express your opinions in abstract terms, without getting personal. Okay?

    – The Doc

  2. Pics of girls will be here as long as Asian-Sirens is on the web 🙂

    Lee, is Stripes’ comment in compliance with the disclaimer below? :-\

  3. Sorry guys.I just get a tad annoyed when people living about one notch above prehistoric start directing their wrath at WESTERN CIVILIZATION…and yes that is basically what this trial is about.Their way of life has failed and the only way they can keep it going is through violence and intimidation.Trust me…they lost in court and they will use that as justification for blatant acts of violence.

  4. We in the west have our own religious fanatical hardliners who pose a significant threat to sexual freedom, birth control, free expression, and art. Amusing to see fingers pointing elsewhere. I think that religious fanaticism anywhere should be viewed as a mental disorder.

  5. Agreed…but we have those clowns under control in the West…you hardly even see them picketing abortion clinics anymore.I can’t imagine JLUVGIRLS that you find the religious fundamentalists in the West to be ANYWHERE NEAR as socially influential or prone to violence as they are in the Islamic world.

  6. BTW…I can’t remember the last time I saw a priest or rabbi issuing a FATWA.It would laughable except these IDIOTS have GUNS…BOMBS…and FOLLOWERS.Even those that don’t follow SYMPATHIZE…and those that do neither are either on the run or DEAD.

  7. Abortion doctors are being murdered, clinics are being bombed. It hasn’t stopped. There are picketers at a clinic near my home. The morning-after pill was kept off the market years after it had been approved for use in most of Europe. The mere millisecond glimpse of a pasty-covered breast on national tv triggered a furor & fines. A president was impeached & nearly removed from office for lying about a bj.
    Please dispence with the caps. It’s the equivalent of yelling.

  8. Chock another win up for freedom of expression and the press.

    Now let us see some more boobies!

  9. stripes…i respect your point of view..but here in the US we have what you called southern baptist..pretty close to the extremist islamics :))…we cant even get porn in my state. 🙁

  10. Ee Gad Man, Lawboy, you can not get porn? You must bet getting a lot of work done because the rest of the country is spending a huge portion of their day surfing for Butt Pirates of the Caribbean and not getting much work done. Not that I personally watch shows like Butt Pirates of the Caribbean but I would defend your’s or anyone’s right to have it. Now that is our American Spirit of freedom. By contrast, U Tube is blocked for us in parts of Asia now. We do not have as much freedom over here and I just got my Video Pod! Indoneisa is a fairly backwards country and will be that way for a long time as long as it leans towards Sharia Law which a fair percentage of the population is trying for. This guy with his Playboy was doing the country a great service and got literally bombed out of his office in Jakarta. He is in Bali now where only the police chased him around. Wish them luck in finding at least a percentage of the freedom we Yanks have.

  11. adam…we can get porn on internet..but no XXX in a lot of counties here…dvd’s….damn bible belt….

    sorry i missed you bro…work sucks :))

  12. dude you serious law boy i think it is time to take a vacation to a different state and stock up on the goods

  13. schemed…i wonder if other states are the same. under the US obscenity law, material are judged by community standard and my community is full of Baptists…no boinky boinky here…always wondered how Baptist pro create :))…
    seriously, no xxx here in Sooner Land..i think they banned Hustler too. thank God for the Internet and Bangkok…
    btw. happy Easter

  14. doc..are you talking about the Baptists or the Catholics? :))…j/k…no offense to those more liberal Baptists and Catholics..but…….

    the priests do have a tad of a problem with little boys and the Baptist ministers do have a problem with gay men. not all priests and ministers of course but you have to point out the hipocrisy.
    boy you guys need a spell check with this thing:)

  15. It just goes to show that men have sexual urges which must be satisfied. If we can’t do it with women or porn, we will find another way. Religion needs to face up to this reality – but then and again, religion needs to face up to reality, period!

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