Reno 911! Date a Cop – Cindy

Date a Cop – Cindy

Reno 911! police dispatcher and former sex slave Cindy (a comedic stereotype played by Taiwanese-American actress Wanru Tseng) gives her views on prostitution vs. dating and talks about the type of man she’d like to meet in this introductory video for the show’s “Date a Cop” segment.

The gag with Cindy was that she’d dispatch calls without having complete grasps on what the situations were or a good command of the English language. Reno 911! ran for six seasons on Comedy Central but Cindy didn’t show up until the fifth, so those who want to see more of her will only have to see seasons five and six that are available on DVD. Here’s another amusing video with her.

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  1. Just remember guys…it’s also you’re right to say yes if you’re hot asian female employer asks to give you a hand job in the closet. Yaaay!

  2. If she’s my boss, I don’t want the right to say no. I’ll give her an enthusiastic yes!

  3. and another winner from …..!

    She may not be that hot, but she just screams sex (and probably during sex as well).

  4. Only on Reno911! could they even think this stuff up. I catch the show every now and then and when Cindy showed up I was pleasantly surprised. Great role, great fun, and I say yes, too, I’m over in closet now waiting for you Cindy.

  5. There are no sacred cows on Reno 911, but amusingly, every cop I know thinks its much more accurate than CSI.

    Great comedienne, “also you right to say ‘yes’ “.

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