Fiona Wang


So hey, here’s Fiona Wang. I’ve featured a lot of Chinese models recently. I have a feeling Fiona Wang is going to be one of the least favorite, but we’ll see. Here you go.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’10 (really?)
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Shanghai







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  1. “1.78m for 54 kgs… o0

    Hopefully those numbers are wrong.”

    as opposed to an average of 1.70 for 220kgs in Gympie…….

    Oh PLEASE somebody get me another plane ticket back to china…..

    Ok, back on topic now……… I like her. ( I bet she’s never been to Gympie. The local women would probably eat her…….)

  2. We took up a collection at the office. $52, three half-sandwiches and a bag of chips, all set to send to her so she can finally have a real meal.

  3. She has her charm but not my cup of tea so to speak. I do find myself very attracted to the second picture however.

  4. For me her face looks kind of odd in many of the shots – her nose job (and I suspect chin job as well) is most unfortunate.

  5. lmao@poor kroos, back in Gympie.

    all that money for such little food? Send her the dollars; she could eat for a few weeks, and well, for that. IF she chose to eat, that is.
    Aren’t we cruel?

    Fiona in pics 2 and 4 though, I like a lot. Don’t like the last pic at all. Looks like a puppet.
    Coincidentally she is the 2nd Fiona I’ve ‘met’ from Shanghai in 2 days..must be a popular English name. I wish I could show you pics of Fiona#2..she is H-O-T!

  6. Remarkably ordinary for a model…no?

    And that ‘this is my handle, this is my spout’ pose in the last photo is simply ridiculous!

  7. Nice pic arf! I do like the one on the next page: same top but she is in black pants.

    Couple of other pics are nice too but my pic from that site is this one:

    I know daznlover will probably disagree about her prominent eyebrows, but she does look rather good leaning against that car.

  8. If as you suggest Doc she has had nose and chin surgery unfortunate is an understatement. They don’t suit her face IMO. I would be going back to the surgeon.

  9. The link to the pic danzlover provided is quite good – she’s very pretty.

    But I still find her ‘unsexual’ in a peculiar way.

  10. ….. just rose up a few notches in my book:-) You could come up with a better handle, though:-(

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