Flora (aka Flowerambiant) is a model from Hong Kong that would someday like to be on Met-Art. We feature a lot of Met-Art models, so hopefully someone with connections can make that happen for her.Stats:

Age: 30
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: Hong Kong







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  1. Her name is Flora Cheung 張靜思. I don’t know much about her except she appeared on the news about a year ago. She competed at a local pageant competition and had to forfeit midway through upon discovery of nude pictures. Here are the pictures from the ‘private shoot’

  2. Travis, I like that last set of photos the best. The more I look at Flora, the more I like her.

  3. NOW you’re talking Travis!
    Welcome back!
    What a woman! So damn SEXY! The last pic is DEFINITELY my cup of tea! As it is hers I guess. Love the look in her eyes.
    But she does have a nice ‘tail’ in the 2nd pic. Wish I was her artist on that occasion, with a fine brush. Of course keeping a steady hand might be a problem. I just might have to keep doing it until I got it right. ahhhhhh!
    On to the nudies now, hehe! thanks guys.

  4. Hey Travis nice slide show, you have
    the site for that or the site to get more from
    that set
    thanks for sharing.

  5. grrrr none of my proxies worked.
    Membership needed for megaupload? Or do I wait patiently for the download?
    Travis..your link to her galleries..leads to tom.com? I might have been redirected (as occasionally happens) or else I can’t find her amongst the Chinese links there. HELP!

  6. Although technically she isn’t really anything spectacular, this girl really does have a certain sexuality about her that is very striking and attractive.

  7. I think this is a case of personality enhancing appearance and creating a sensuality that is very appealing. Yeah! Let’s do a photo shoot in a hot tub, she would be outstanding wet.

    BTW I love Evon in that last link, she’s something. I don’t even mind the 3-foot stuck-on eyelashes. Any more on her anywhere? Ditto Tina, pic 7 slays me. He’s an excellent photographer.

    CEC’s link gets me to a download, which I won’t click on. Don’t trust it.

  8. One more to agree with the Doc. Nice pic Travis.
    This woman is not stunning in theory but she makes heads turn. Reminds me of a thai girl I used to know. Sensuality was her middle name.

  9. @luvasianwimin. What did you think of Gadiez at that site? Wasn’t too keen on Talisa Qi – although she looked strikingly different, and Jeannie Kayla’s nipples are not that photogenic in some shots, but she looks good elsewhere and in some angles.
    And yes, Tina is gorgeous.
    That guy sure did find some delicious models along with Flora C. Got him bookmarked in case he finds some more.

  10. My oh My!…Travis’s slide show was very very nice. Something about her with that tight grey top and no bottoms. Love the furr.

  11. I sometimes wonder if there is anything nicholiservia hasn’t done or seen yet. Just joking of course. ;)) You’ve certainly lived the good life, by the sound of things.

  12. Nicholiservia is not wrong guys.
    The thing is, in China, even many of the low-end brothels have girls like this.
    And to get into and on with a girl in a high-end Chinese brothel is not that difficult or expensive.

  13. longtack

    The low end (barbershop) brothels in China are filled with butterfaces, poorly dressed who literally walk around vomiting on the sidewalks.

    You’ll see better looking/dressed girls in the expensive foreigner nightclubs. One of the ones I know of in hong Kong plaza, Shanghai has especially nice tail on a regular basis.

    Unless you’re willing to spend long and go to Tokyo’s gentleman clubs where you can find girls from all around the world, you’ll end up getting low end ass.

    DR LEE

    Don’t play yourself…I’ve got pictures and video.

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