Reena Yeo


Reena Yeo is a model from Singapore. She has several photos, but most of them appear to be taken with those cameras designed to make women look taller. Since she’s already 5’8, I don’t see why. You can see them all in her portfolio.Photos:


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  1. Very pretty and she oozes class. (I probably could have found a better way to phrase that.)

    LOVE the glasses.

  2. Yeah… somehow Bigfoot’s comments gave me flashbacks of the classroom scene in a certain japanese gangbang movie. Yep, the entire class participated, and yep she was…. ummm… oozing.

    Love the glasses shot too, but for some reason this lady sets off the “uh oh this one could be a real crazy b*tch if the wallet runs dry” alarm in me….

    This girl’s a summer girl. I like ‘em a bit chubbier in the winter but lean in the summer…

  3. Bad colored contact lenses,
    Bad colored hair,
    Bad photography.

    If Picasso liked Asian women and had a camera instead of his oil paints, he would come up with this.

  4. With due respect to French whose judgement I find generally impeccable, she can sit on my face anytime.

  5. Yeah, I apologize too….I was harsh. She is pretty, I just don’t know why they have to play with camera angles and make her body look disproportionate.

    Luke: ditto on the judgement thing.

  6. Don’t think that will work Arf. I’m pretty sure he was specifically inviting Reena, and he might not be so welcoming if you turned up…..

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