Crystal Reneau


Crystal Reneau is a very pretty model whose ethnicity I couldn’t locate for you. But I did locate photos. She was in Miss Coed, and she is 24 years old and 5’5.Photos






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  1. I like her face a lot- especially in that last photo.

    Not super skinny- she looks very healthy.

    Nice find Travis. What is her ethnicity?!?!?!

  2. Well, she’s probably a mixed breed (j/k); but what made you think she was Asian, Travis?
    Whatever her ethnicity, I like everything I’ve seen. just wish I could see more.

  3. Now SHE is fabulous! Oozing class here!
    Love her face in pic 2. And the hot looks in pic 5 (blue bikini) and pic 6 (gorgeous lingerie).
    lol @ giving the finger. Yes, I think so too, but it was carefully photoshopped out! 😉

  4. Check out pic 5 in the blue bikini. She has 6 fingers (her left hand)!!! photoshop booboo.

    Very cute! I like her! I like her body!

    Agree with Luke72 regarding her figure, but I really find her attractive.
    She’s not super skinny and she is still womanly!

  5. sucez: Clearly, she has not had any media training because the inflections in her voice are all over the map- she says “like” so often that it detracts from whatever the point is.

    fungusfarm: Good catch on the six finger photoshop fail….it’s scary.

    Pretty girl, though. Perhaps 1/2 Viet and 1/2 French 🙂 ???

  6. This is why I love Asian Sirens. I mean I’ve already known about her, and saved all her pics long ago but what a way to wake up in the morning anyways. Spectacular!

  7. Right there with you slackerking. I’ve been a fan of hers for a while also, but its still a nice surprise to see her here. Maybe Asian Sirens should organize a trip to the bar she works at. Just kidding. That would be a little creepy.

  8. Definitely attractive, but looks terrific in some shots and just OK in others. At least IMO.

    The first shot is fabulous. But I’m not feeling the 4th picture. Her look in that pic is too hard for me. I see a bit of that hardness is some of the other pictures, too. But when she smiles, like in the pic below, it’s all good:

    As for the 6th finger–great observation fungusfarm. I’m wondering if that first apparent index finger is actually just an extra wide space between her thumb and her index finger–as if she is stretching out her thumb from her hand. But it does sort of look like there might be a finger nail in that space. So I am undecided.

  9. I don’t know what you all are looking at, but there is no “6th finger”. That’s just the palm of her hand under her thumb.

  10. I think that Ms. Reneau deserves an apology for this post btw. She will now and forever be linked to polydactyly through the google

  11. Lol I thought it was pic 4 that was the ‘finger’ booboo, but then I saw (finally) pic 6. I can’t figure it out but it looks weird.

  12. If you look at the full length pic (on the MM site) of her in the bikini in front of the screen, (which is a delicious pic of her by the way) you can see a similar shot of her hand. The gap between her thumb and forefinger is quite wide, but not unnaturally so. lol I got a cramp in my hand trying to hold my fingers in the same position. But it’s still possible.

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