Vivienne – The Black Alley


I don’t think I’ve done a Black Alley girl for a while, so here is Vivienne. She was a model about 2 or 3 years ago that I don’t remember, but she has something like 10 or 11 galleries and I think a couple of videos. I don’t have a lot of images below because you should go to The Black Alley and see them for yourself. You’re supporting a good cause – namely, that maybe they’ll get Vivienne back. Or Cho Hye Eun. I don’t care that she’s 10 years older now I miss her so much.Photos:





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  1. Do you have a vested interest in the Black Alley Travis?
    I like what they do, nice looking ladies and good quality pics. I get the feeling photoshop is used pretty liberally. They seem to use a lot of Thai girls, or at least it looks like it to me.
    Arf nice links, I remember reading somewhere a ladies mouth reflects what her vagina will look like, so I imagine Vivienne’s is covered in lip gloss 😉

  2. I dislike photoshop.

    It’s like, “I’m not an insane girl; you can date me!”

    And then, 3 weeks later……

    “I swiped your credit cards out of your wallet and bought all that brand label stuff at full price because I’m worth it and you were five minutes late coming back from Europe”.

  3. Seems attractive? Check.

    Photoshop over the top? Check.

    Tranny face? Well I’m not sure about that. But I do notice she kinds of hides her pussy in every shot. But the tiny bit we get to see seems a bit odd, don’t you think? Especially in the first picture in this post.

    Had it not been for the following shot, I might wonder is she was hiding a tiny package.

  4. Bigfoot: Your pic is “proof” but with all the photoshop and airbrushing going on why take a chance?

    Why risk it?

    “The next thing you know, there’s money missing off your dresser and your daughter’s knocked up. I’ve seen it a hundred times.” – Tommy Boy

  5. yeah her nipples do seem a tad bit shiny. Perhaps she’s just been spinning lots of plates on them. Or maybe just carpet burn.

    Luke has me worried. Are you suggesting her vagina might also have teeth??????
    At least she doesn’t have a mustache… That’s a hole in your theory on the ummm… er…. hole.

  6. She is a very pretty girl. I may have to hunt down more of her work.

    I also wish Black Alley would bring some girls back. There are a few that I never tire of.

  7. Thanks for that Luke. I think I’ll start hanging around nursing homes. If the ladies there have vagina dentata, at least they’ll only be plastic…..

  8. As for the shiny nipples I’m all for them. It is just a well oiled woman. I still remember the good old days where girls oiled themselves at the beach rather than putting on sunscreen.

  9. True….

    Always amazed at how the women in Vietnam go to great lengths to cover up and avoid the sun- and in America they go to tanning booths and lay out all day at the beach.

    Viet women in their 40s have skin like an American woman in her mid 20s.

  10. I’m just sayin’ I haven’t seen anything bad (no visible “package”) and a whole lotta good.

    Lol @ French.

  11. What happens on the hockey trip stays on the hockey trip 😉
    I don’t really get ice hockey, very hard to see the puck. It gets no coverage in Australia just highlights of excessive violence occasionally. But I love the AFL which I imagine gets a similar response in the US.

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