REAL Chinese Soldiers – Sexy legs


I came across this photo online and was pleasantly surprised to learn that some “hot” female soldiers from China were more than happy to show off their sexy legs… 🙂

See a slightly bigger photo HERE.

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  1. In preparation for the Beijing Summer Olympics. China will show the world how great their country really is.

  2. Showing their sexy legs does not have any meaning. Everyone can show their legs without any prohibitions.

  3. During the 50-year anniversary of the PRC back in the Fall of 1999, I watched the military parade on Tiananmen Square on television (different from the military parade I watched on CNN in 1989). I can honestly say that I found myself somewhat turned-on gazing at the female PLA soldiers striding confidently in their dress-uniform skirts in mind-bendingly precise unison.

  4. I like christine’s little soldiers better. Especially the one to the far left with the funny face. NOT! Thanks christine…for ruining my little fantasy I just had…:)

  5. Had there been women like this in the military when I was younger, I may have considered signing up.

    Naw…probably not. :#) They are very attractive, though…for soldiers.

  6. Christine, my computer directly shut down when I open your link. I had to restared again.
    But the bottom line, personaly I give respect to whom become soldiers especialy in China. They are very cute and brave also. Of course skillful with guns, like daznlover said.

  7. Christine, do not do like that.
    All of us normal people who will turn on when we see attractive, sexy, beautyful, good skin, having curve, the oposite gender.
    I am sure you do. What do you say?

  8. I always find it amazing how big a super power China is now, when back in the 30’s, 40’s and before, they were always bullied around by little Japan.

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