Japanese Sex Toy Fair

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with the coolest sex toys. Check out the first-ever Adult Treasure Expo in Chiba.

Speaking of sex and tech, expect high-def J-porn soon as several producers at the show revealed Sony’s support for Blu-ray AV.

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0 thoughts on “Japanese Sex Toy Fair”

  1. Good thing they haven’t folled E3’s lead by banning booth babes. Can you imagine what a flop (er… no pun intended) this would be without them?

  2. do any of you guys use toys, or is your right hand the only thing that has explored the uttermost limits of your dopamine receptors?

  3. “Explored the uttermost limits of your dopamine receptors” – LOL!

    To answer Christine’s question, I’ve never used toys, regardless of whether I’m pleasuring myself or somebody else. I’ve just never been inspired to use them – I think the instruments mother nature gave us do the best job anything could do. 🙂

  4. These toys only for physical exercise not having fun. Just make your body wet. doesn’t mean satisfied.
    Jnudes, better you open the shop for sale its. First make a proposal to your President, I am sure he likes it and everybody will happy for that.

  5. Makes me wanna hop on a plane for my 4th visit…can’t imagine this show without booth babes.
    No Christine, I’ve never used a toy!

  6. I have no comment on the topic of using toys. OK…maybe I do. I first bought a masturbator in Guam, back in 2004 and I’ve been hooked ever since. Palmela just wasn’t the same and she was retired from that point on. I can’t help it.

  7. go arf! no shame in using toys. masturbation is natural – and if you can make the experience better, why not?

  8. I have no personal toys but I know a couple of women who really enjoy their vibes a lot.
    They seem to get somewhat addicted to it and it’s one of their favorite paths to pleasure.

    And you, christine, any special toys?

  9. Unlike girls, us guys can’t use toys all the time. If we do, how are we supposed to have the buff forearms all the girls crave?

  10. i’ve got a vibe. but that’s it. it’s a cheapie one since it’s my first one and i wasn’t sure if i would like them or not – turns out that i did like them so i think the next one i get is going to be higher quality. or, if i don’t get a vibe, i’m totally open to poking around spicygear’s website for something else :]

  11. haha wylde8 i can totally picture that exchange happening

    girl: wow, your arms…you must go to the gym a lot *swoons*
    you: no not really, i just masturbate all of the time
    girl: CHECK PLEASE!

  12. LOL! I dare say I’ve built more muscle from masturbation than I have from the gym – I’ve never been to a gym in my life, and have no plans to do so. 🙂

  13. doc….i know i have seen pix of ya :)) same here bro…we are both soft and fluffy :))

    i want to be on record here, lawboy does not masterbate and never will. it is wrong and you can go blind and grow furs on your hands….this is what the nuns told me :))

  14. i am currious, what possible toys can a man use. this is a serious questions guys. me dont know 🙂

  15. Since I’m married, I really don’t see the opportunity to masturbate. What I really want is to convince my wife to do a threesome with me and one of her hot friends.

  16. A guy could only dream, right? At least my wife is a freak in the bed. So it somewhat evens it out.

  17. And GUERNICA…there should always be the oppurtinity to masturbate. I would lose my mind if I couldn’t do so. My wife has gotten over it after six years of being married. It’s all natural.

  18. I can’t even remember when the last time I felt the urge to masturbate. I don’t work and my wife’s schedule is really flexible, if we are feeling horny, we just have sex.

  19. The fact that you don’t work, Guernica, explains why you’ve been leaving comments on A-S en masse for the past few days! Does your wife make all of the money in the fam. or something?

  20. christine – When I turned 18, I was given access to my trust fund. So I never had to work. Although my wife works, I still pay for everything.

  21. wow…trust fund baby..must be nice….dont you miss out on working and making your own money and not relying on mommy and daddy’s money Guerni? but i guess when you have the means there is no need to work eh?

  22. Why work when I have portfolio managers making my money grow for me? Plus, I enjoy a relaxed lifestyle. My days are filled with painting, playing golf, watching the Yankees play, and sometimes tagging along with my wife when she works in Paris.

  23. I guess one can work just for the fun of building something and making it work. Kinda like a challenge.
    I work for a living, but if I was rich, I don’t think I could stay put for long… Anyway, everybody is different, you should try some business Guernica, could be fun.

  24. one just cant help but have a bad impression with trust fund babies….but for us commoners, maybe we dont understand it. my parents worked 3 jobs to put me through school and now i worked to take care of my family and parents. IMHO, i believe when you work for your money, you have a higher sense of accomplishments as oppose to having it hand to ya. just look at all the spoiled starlets here in the states, paris hilton and the rest of the mindless trustfunds babies…money comes easy so they put no value to it i guess….give me a hardworking bluecollar family everytime where they work their asses off to put their kids through a good college. isnt sloth a deadly sin Gueni? but hey if you got it use it right? 🙂 enjoy the dough bro.

  25. And actually there may be a whole lot of useful activities and investments that one can do, instead of working.

    What’s your take on toys, Guernica?

  26. I guess. But wouldn’t it be more fun to actually “bump uglies” with a real stewardess or hot maid?

  27. “My wife has gotten over it after six years of being married. It’s all natural.”

    6 years…that’s a relief. We have 4 more years to go. 😛

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