Ravijour Lingerie: a Sweet Sexy Trap


Ravijour.com. An almost completely uncomprehensible 100% flash site, that comes with occasional Japanese captions. But once you are clicking around and the full screen beautiful girls in lingerie appear, you will stay there! That’s probably why they called the site ‘Sweet Sexy Trap’. Me like very very much!

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  1. How about this Japanese girl on Youtube?
    If this doesn’t make you pull out your hand lotion – nothing will.

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  2. Krazy4Kobe

    I have a cousin who works for Covergirl who has a similar skin tone – though a prettier face.

    This chick doesn’t have enough meat for me up top or on bottom.

  3. I enjoy seeing girls trying out lingerie. They always look so… delighted.

    This girl is very pretty CLM, so you must be very proud of your cousin. 😉
    I agree on the meat though, she should gain some.

  4. Are you guys talking about the girl in the picture above or CLM’s vid? The vid chick is very cute but the jacket is irritating. The girl in the lingerie above is PERFECTION!!!!

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