Kazakh women

Kazakh women

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan” made me curious about what Kazakh women really look like (Kazakhstan borders the western Chinese province of Xinjiang and is quite far from where the scenes in the movie were shot).

Clockwise from the upper left are Dina Nuraliyeva, Miss Kazakhstan 2005; Gaukhar Rakhmetalyeva, the new Miss Kazakhstan Universe 2007; a Kazakh woman holding flowers during Vice President Cheney’s visit to Kazakhstan and designer Saida Azhikhan adjusting the hat on a model (Robert A. Reeder from the Washington Post).

I couldn’t find any pictures up to the standards of Asian Sirens, but we thought this might trigger a good discussion.

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  1. Hey that’s great, it was something I had in mind to do this weekend as well. Thanks Randy!

    To be honest, they definitely don’t look bad these Kazakh women. Even more, the upper right one looks great. She looks similar to a famous Dutch girl called Katja Schuurman 😉

  2. Seems pretty difficult to find kazakh women on the net. I do find lots of russian brides sites, but that sucks.

    Seems they are heavily a muslim country, so I’m sure it’s more difficult to find some beauty out there.

  3. The Russian bride sites have a lot of ethnic Russian women living in Kazakhstan. The link to Gaukhar Rakhmetalyeva, the new Miss Kazakhstan Universe 2007, actually came from the Kazakh embassy, which is definitiely using this movie to raise their profile (there is no such thing as bad publicity).

  4. I have dated a Kazakh woman.She was a math teacher and native near the Chinese border.Curvy and voluptuos with Chinese features.Met her in America.She was on a mission for what else…GREEN CARD.Get the militias under control.Pave the place.Put up some hotels.Maybe I’ll visit.Otherwise it’s Thailand or the Czech Republic.

  5. As a recent Peace Corps volunteer who lived and worked in Kazakhstan for two years (04-06), you ought to know that most of the women do not look like this site depicts. Most of them do not wear heavy make-up (they don’t need it). I have never seen more naturally beautiful women in my life, nor have I met women who age more rapidly. A thirty-year old woman there may look like she is 40-50 years old. Life there is very hard which accounts for this, although their infrastructure is improving. Most of the population are not “active” practicing Muslims. Some have only been inside of a mosque a few times in their lives. They practice most of the Muslim holidays, but that is about all. They are generally very conservative and wholesome. To me, they represent much of the beauty of women in physical, social, and spiritual ways. The women do most of the work in this country, while the men are content to smoke, drink, and play cards all day. I taught English at a local school in the town of Kapchagai. I’ve never met more sweet young girls in my life. If you plan to visit, be careful. The men are very volatile, and do not like or appreciate foreign men trying to “move in” on their women. Something as simple as dancing with a young Kazakh girl can get you more trouble than you’d ever ask for. I’ve got many stories to share to validate this from other volunteers who found themselves at knife/gunpoint or simply beaten up.

    Kazakhstan is actually a melting pot of over 100 different minority groups which include Russians, Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Kyrgz, Turks, and many others. Most of the people do not speak English. They speak Russian, Kazakh, or both.

    However, this site does not reveal the “true” Kazakh woman or culture, nor can you go by what a movie shows/depicts.

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