Pro Billiards Player Cha Yu-ram

21-year-old Cha Yu-ram is currently one of the two top ranked WPBA players from Korea. The other is Kim Ga-young (26), who definitely shouldn’t be overlooked in this entry, nor should Korean-American favorite, “The Black Widow” Jeanette Lee. However, Yu-ram’s recent photo shoot shown here, has now gotten fans to start appreciating her for more than her skills with a cue.

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  1. This post needs to come with bad pun and annoying web site alerts, but this girl’s cute enough to make it all worthwhile! Who’s the girl she’s playing in the yellow top and black waistcoat? She’s even cuter!

  2. Oh, when I first read your comment, Doc, I though you were asking who the girl in the yellow top and black waistcoat is (and it’s Cha Yu-ram, herself), but I see that you’re asking about the girl Yu-ram is playing against while Yu-ram is wearing the yellow top and black waistcoat. It’s pop artist Nancy Lang:

    That photo is from “The 2nd Annual Showdown in Seoul” which was actually played in Bucheon, a couple of months ago.
    You can read more about it here and enjoy an awesome photo of Jeanette Lee (who was also at the event) showing Uzbek fashion model Jamilra how to do a trick shot.

  3. Alright, now I’m confused. You say the last link in your article is to photos of Yu-ram, but according to the index, that’s the girl in purple (the first photo in the fourth row). She’s very cute, but I actually like the girl in the yellow top better. Which is which?

    The navigation on the site you link to is very bad, and the fact that it’s all in Korean doesn’t help! 🙂

  4. These girls play as good as they look. And they look oh so good. In fact it almost makes me hungry, they look that good. 🙂 Is this weird or what?

  5. @ Doc: The girl in the purple dress that you mentioned (and in the above photo) is pop artist Nancy Ling.
    The girl in the yellow top and black vest is Cha Yu-ram.

  6. @ Doc: They are all thumbnails to Yu-ram’s photos except that one that shows a thumb of Nancy. HOWEVER, due to the confusion brought on by the page with the thumbnails being in Korean and not English, I removed the link and I will save all the good, recent photos of Yu-ram I can find and later on, I’ll upload them in a zip file to this thread.

  7. I think siamesetiger meant that he hoped she wouldn’t be someone who was noted more for her looks than her game (Anna never won a tournament).

  8. I’m sure that is what siamesetiger meant.

    And, while I agree, and normally despise a mediocre-to-bad athlete getting major attention strictly on the basis of her looks, I can forgive it in the case of Kournikova. Ana was really smoking hot!


  9. For those of you who want to talk about Ana Kournikova, here’s her website. Go join it and knock yourselves out, okay?

    Anyway, to get us back on track, here’s Yu-ram’s Myspace fan page (although I doubt she maintains it herself) and this press release from Dragon Promotions from when she signed with them in 2007.

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