Samurai Babe

A kill scene from the short film called “Ai” by a dude named Raffi Asdourian. The whole film (12 minutes) can be seen here.

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  1. Uhh the movie is better than you’d expect for amateur stuff in the sense of the camera work, because the person who did it went to school or something, BUT the plot/dialogue is so bad it approaches parody. I mean, if you took a lame anime nerd and told him to make the most AWESOME movie ever made, this is what you’d get: a really ham-fisted pile of exaggerated conventions mashed together. Painful to watch.

    The reason Kill Bill worked was because it wasn’t meant to be taking seriously. It was supposed to be campy and absurd. This short film takes itself way too seriously and yet comes off as a bunch of nerds doing live action role playing.

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