Sofie Garrucho February Desktop

Sofie Garrucho

Filipina gamer babe and FHM blogger Sofie Garrucho returns with a new desktop wallpaper for February. Going with a Valentine theme, she calls this one “Forbidden Love”.

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0 thoughts on “Sofie Garrucho February Desktop”

  1. She kinda grows on you, huh?!? I see no bra here again and thank goodness for “that”….and when I mean “that” it’s more like “that nipple close-up!”

  2. I dunno. I have to say she just doesn’t do it for me in this picture, especially compared to earlier posts. Nice slender figure, but the face is almost unrecognizable as the same person in the earlier AS article that Mike links to. Doc is always wagging his finger at us for gushing. This is one of those times I’d have to concur.

  3. Another example of someone who’s on or off for me depending on how the pic is shot or touched up.
    But the recent wallpapers are pretty decent me thinks.
    Thanks Mike for keeping us updated on this missy. I am becoming a bit of a fan!

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