Pretty Face – Misaki Ito

Pretty Asian Face With Blue Eyeshadow

A single photo I came across while image searching. It traced back to a link on a website where women were discussing eyeshadow. That page linked to the original, larger 300 DPI version. I wasn’t able to identify her. Anyone have a clue? Any guesses on her nationality?

OK, this beautiful lady was quickly ID’d as Japanese model and acrtess Misaki Ito. Thanks Placeboy!

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  1. hi,

    it’s Misaki Ito
    a famous celeb in Japan : drama actress, commercial, japan movies,….

    a friend of mine met her in Paris

    she was a long time my favorite amongst all japanes talento

    cute !!!!

  2. de rien
    it s my pleasure !

    i saw many times on the tv when i lived in japan !
    and when you love beautiful girl you can’t missed her


  3. i am from france !

    Now i am living in my birthday place (cote d’azur south of France, near Nice)

    voila Mr NorthMan

  4. She’s been in Shiseido ads here in HK for a couple of years now…she’s simply beautiful.

  5. Exactly Snoop. That’s how I know her from.
    She called my attention the first time I saw the ad.

  6. First of all, where do you work Flipn? )Or at least a hint)

    Secondly, when i think of beautiful Japanese women, hers is the look I’m thinking of….

  7. I work at a Sushi/ Bistro in Las Vegas… haha, good luck!

    I’ll see if they’s agree to pics… provacative would be nice… haha! While none are perfect they are great ladies, most with nice bodies and cute faces.

  8. No, not really into sushi 🙁 Tried it several times in Japan, of course, but there are so many other things I like better so i never order it. My daughter, on the other hand, has probably been to every sushi place in town and judging by her credit card bill, every other restaurant as well.

    Back on topic, she is so pretty….

  9. I know! It’s cool how she’s got her mouth slightly opened… kinda like she’s about to say something… hahah! Makes me wanna stare at the pic until she does… schizophrenic much? Ah, not too much… Uh, much too much!

  10. This woman fully lives up to the notion of Asian Beauty. Exquisite gurl, who deserves necklaces and pearls.

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