Amara Reprised

Amara - Thai model with fabulous breasts!

In our Nov 2005 Amara posting, she was a featured model at the now defunct Asian4You. Now Amara is featured at and other sites. To get a better look her fabulous perky breasts, click
Amara - Thai model with fabulous breasts!

Amara - Thai model with fabulous breasts!

Amara - Thai model with fabulous breasts!

Amara - Thai model with fabulous breasts!

Links for Amara

Amara @ Asian-Sirens
Amara @ Asian Thumbs
Amara @ Google Images

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  1. I don’t like tats either, but hers are small enough that I can overlook them in favor of her other assets. 🙂

  2. I think a lot of Thai women have a certain “harshness” in their facial features…..meaning they don’t have the classic Asian pretty face. But still, it doesn’t bother me when the overall package is attractive.

    I like Amara’s eyes…sexy and seductive! I also like her dark skin. I’ll take a dark tan over those white-white girls anyday. 🙂

  3. Love dark skin…and I’m ready to take back my opening comment if she will kindly get that tatt lasered off her otherwise perfect tits.

  4. In the 3rd pic down from the top, it looks like someone used Photoshop to make her left nipple look larger than it is. Either that, or it’s an issue with the lighting and camera angle.

  5. She looks nothing like a katoey and her tats are so small that they are negligible. What I love about Amara is that she has that sultriness to her. Her skin is nice and brown, her tits are perky, and those eyes are so sexy. Amara may not be for everyone but she is perfect for me. 🙂

  6. Ouch, that third pic is a bit explicit! 🙂

    My feelings about Thai women and their “harsh” facial features are well known, but I would have to rate this girl as a relatively feminine looking one myself. She still looks a little “ladyboyish” in some pics (e.g. the second one), but I don’t think she is – although I can’t be certain her breasts are 100% natural, they certainly look natural, which indicates that she must have started out with at least some natural (women’s) breast tissue.

  7. It’s starting to seem like all thai women were born with a penis. At least, in the Asian-Sirens world it appears this way. 🙂 I think she’s hot and no ladyboyishness noted. Third one down is my fave.

  8. lets be nice..she is prety in a exotic way…i love the dark skin 🙂 and the upturned boobies :))

  9. Amara has always been one of my favourite Thai models. There’s something extremely sexy, seductive and magnetic about her – I can’t really put my finger on it (though I’d like to… heh).

    I think it’s just the whole package. Fantastic body, perfect breasts, sumptuous lips and an absolutely amazing ass.

    Hmm… maybe I just did put my finger on it? ^^

    That being said, I kind of see what Dr. Lee is getting at with the “harsh” features that many Thai girls have. I think “ladyboyish” might be a bit extreme, but Thai girls certainly don’t have the demure, softer beauty that Chinese, Japanese and Koreans tend to have. God it sounds so shallow doesn’t it? lol…

    Digressing slightly, there seems to be a lot of hate on this site for tats. I actually quite like them – I find them exotic and don’t mind a lot of ink or a little. It really depends on the quality of the design. Suffice it to say, I guess I’m one of the few who has no issues. It’s just interesting that so many are completely put off by them…

  10. I really do love Amara’s legs and ass…I’ve been admiring them for the past half hour on the Asian Thumbs site. It’s just too bad there’s nothing special about her and she’s only a dime a dozen in Thailand as Mr. Paul Po just noted. I only wish she could have a little, just a teeny weeny little bit, cuter face so she would be like all the rest of the girls in thailand. 🙂

  11. NANCY HO…now that’s a Thai babe I can get with.I’ll even grant her a tatt exemption.

  12. Lee, off topic: If a posting has no “More” link to click on, how is the number of “views” counted?

  13. But in some listings there is no “More” link. i.e., In the Akira lane posting. Maybe it goes by how many clicks the “Comments” gets in that case?

  14. Sorry, I should have made that clear. Technically, it counts the number of page loads for that entry ID AFAIK, so that means clicks on “More” and “Comments”.

  15. I’ll take Nancy, for two obvious reasons. 😉

    Now that I’ve said that, let’s get the discussion back on topic – this thread is about Amara!

  16. She’s done a ton of work for numerous sites but her best stuff is with Asian4You. They did the best job at capturing her sexiness. And if girls like her were a dime a dozen then I would have never left Thailand.

  17. I think she needs breast implants that look like two halves of a honeydew melon. Then she’d be perfect.


  18. Candyman,

    Thanks for the reality check on that “dime a dozen” comment. Sure, in a dark enough bar and with enough drinks, a lot of girls start to look this good, but in the light of day? Methinks not.

    I’m no fan of tattoos, but hers are fine, I don’t think they detract from her much.

  19. I am totally with you guys, Candyman and Wings. There’s always someone out there who’s had way better and nothing but nice things in Thailand. Well not me, OK. Jokes…dangit, I got em. Maybe not.

  20. I’m hoping to go back to Thailand at the end of the year. They have the same ratio of hot chicks to ugly ones as any other place. If chicks like Amara were a dime a dozen, I would not be here writing about them. I would have found some way to stay there.

    Alot of chicks look good when you’re drinking and at a place that’s dark. This is why I try not to drink much when I am out so I can make sound decisions. But every once in a blue moon I will meet someone who is smoking hot and they want to go shot for shot on tequila or Thai whiskey which are both the devil. 🙁

    Most chicks get tattoos that are awful and take away from their beauty. Amara’s tats are just fine so I don’t see why people have a problem with them. If she had flawless skin I could understand and wouldn’t want her to ruin it with some ink but hers are cool. And here’s a few more pics for ya.

  21. I think she’s hot hot hot. And by the way, my first comment about Paul Po’s comment above was total sarcasm. I was totally poking fun at such absurd negativeness towards this thai princess. I just had to clear that up, not that anyone really cares what I think.

  22. This is my first post, though I’ve been a regular guest here a long time.
    Amara is my all-time favourite. I think it’s because of her mean-looking eyebrows, she often looks right-out angry. Anyway, I live in Thailand, and I have often dreamt of meeting if not Amara, any of the other A4Y models. But not too long ago I met (well, saw…) her at a sky train station in BKK. I recognized her face and her neck tattoo, no question about it. But stupid me, I was so perplexed I didn’t dare go over and try talking with her (I speak thai very well, too). I cursed myself all that day after she disappeared in the opposite direction, and I am still cursing myself for that unforgivable mistake. So now I wonder, does anyone know where she works or any other personal information?

    Ps; I got 3 pics of her with my phone, she is hardly recognizable in them. I could post them here if anyone was interested, but I don’t know how. Tell me if interested

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