Pole Dancing Craze Sweeps China

Chinese pole dancing

Check out this story from The New York Times, including a sexy video!

This story is from a reader tip, many of which Robin hasn’t followed up on over the last couple of months. When I have time I will post a few more “quickies” from the backlog!

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0 thoughts on “Pole Dancing Craze Sweeps China”

  1. they have to bring that to every shy asian country out there. omg how great would it be to see every asian girl dance like THAT.
    oh dreams. oh dreams.

  2. it wouldn’t be great, javporno. it’s a disgusting thing.

    this saddens me. why do pure innocent chinese girls want to disgrace themselves like this?

  3. its a fashion wave, nothing more
    what is the purpose ???

    i don’t know

    everyone has a dance pole at home !!!

    simply rich family girls or women whose life is boring
    they want to do something trendy like the occident

    anyway poledance will not transform ugly girls in a beautiful model

    its simply to feel more “sexy”

    sport or not
    business is everywhere

  4. jdrevenge: Are you kidding? I bet you believe that 98% of Chinese women over age 21 are virgins! “Pure innocent”? Well, if doing a mildly naughty dance will knock them off their high pedestal for you and destroy your childish delusions, then once again western imperial decadence will have done its job!

    All women have the right to feel more sexy. If by becoming more physically fit and aware of their sensual side that is unique to each of them they feel more sexy and powerful, that’s a good thing.

  5. but this is so slutty. no i don’t think that. but from my experience over there, i just cannot imagine any of the college girls doing this.

  6. JD: perhaps you are nostalgic for the time when Chinese women had their feet bound. I think that by “pure innocent” you mean obedient and subservient.

    They aren’t trying to become “beautiful models”. They just want to get in shape, access their inner slut (yay!), and have a little fun while doing it. What’s so evil about that?

    It is evident that you spend a lot of time on this site happily ogling Chinese and other Asian women who are in sexy poses and in various stages of nakedness. Perhaps you view the women on this site as “whores” whom you would never date. You only date “good girls” who know nothing of sex. I have news for you: there are no good girls or bad ones…they are all girls, simple as that.

  7. I could argue and pretend that you are wrong, but you aren’t for the most part, so i wont. 😀

    But about thinking most of the girls on here are whores, definitely not, I just think that they’re a small portion of the population who choose to go this route with their lives. That’s fine for me, but I wouldn’t want everybody to follow suit.

  8. Eventually this craze will pass but I don’t mind seeing it, especially done by young, hot & fit Chinese chicks, not the wife who looks like she was beaten with sack full of ugly in the video. She can do some regular exercises or something.

  9. Candyman, maybe you meant your comment tongue in cheek and I misunderstood but I watched the video and didn’t see any one fitting your description.

  10. Really? It’s Xiao Yan the supermarket manager. She’s not looking too cute. And I’m sure there’s more like her who now uses this exercise as a way of sexual expression because of how controversial it is. I just want to see the hot ones dance around on poles, not the uncute supermarket manager. That’s all.

    I remember when pole dancing was the latest craze in America then quickly faded. But it’s good exercise and strengthens alot of core muscles so I don’t mind it making it’s way to China. I’m just surprised that the Chinese government allows it.

  11. It would be nice to have some female perspective in this thread (where’s Christine these days?!).

    While the pole dancing “craze” (was it ever THAT popular?) may have waned recently, it’s still something that many women enjoy going to.

    And is it really that controversial? In this day and age? Come on. It’s certainly got a “naughty” factor to it – but I think we should be praising women for taking up more overtly sexual activities, not crying foul.

  12. Yeah, it would be nice to have some feminine perspective on this. Sadly, Christine has lost interest in her internet activities since she fell in love a few months ago. 😉

  13. The pole craze was huge here in So Cal about 2-3 yrs ago. Mostly for exercise, and a little for women to ‘spice up’ their relationship – I think that means an attempt to keep hubby/boyfriend from blowing so much cash at strip clubs – and maybe blurting out the name of their favorite dancer (“oh, Lexi!”) at the wrong time… 🙂

    Good for the Chinese ladies – if they enjoy it, good for them. Not like they’re being forced to do it, then shipped to the US, EU or Middle East and forced into prostitution.

  14. More power to these girls. If they can exercise, meet new friends, and break down some cultural barriers all through going to a class like this, then thats awesome. And, it really is good exercise too. It works all the muscle groups and is good for toning.

  15. I don’t know how many of you have met many mainland girls, but let me tell you, 98% would definitely not do this. So jdrevenge is right in that respect. But, in a country of 1.3 billion, that’s still a little less than 13 million who would 🙂

  16. I don’t know why you are picking on the supermarket manager as “ugly”. Some makeup, good hairdo, lighting, talented photog and right clothes, and all you guys would be sporting wood and proclaiming her as your dream goddess.

  17. I don’t mean to pick on the supermarket manger, I just want to see hot Chinese chicks dance on poles because I see these women and they are all fit and slim and watching them dance on a pole is a thing of beauty which I would like to see more of. That’s all.

  18. I read the article and it’s a harmless way for women to say “screw you” and “feel” liberated. Of course, white knights always wanna rescue. And there’s lots of women who want to be rescued, and lots that don’t.

  19. I’m also for only beautiful women at the poles. These women don’t want to be rescued, they want to be naughty. Let’s face it. 🙂

  20. Coming from the west, I for one feel that this pole dancing craze is a good thing. Come on guys, if women in China are willing to feel more sexually liberated and confident exercising in this sort of fashion, that means more of them are going to stop being afraid of dating foreign guys, like me.

    Also I’m a sucker for a woman who dances. Any girl who controls her body and meshes well with a beat immediately adds points to her sexiness. The best women in my eyes retain heavy feminine qualities, yes their are feminine-masculine women just like their are masculine-feminine guys, and pole dancing remaining a strictly “feminine dance” makes it all the more worth while. This Chinese women are fully embracing their femininity and it’s beautiful.

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