Boob Job of Kaila Yu

Today I found this funny short movie at Openfilm by Liv Films featuring Mona Gillen, William Kidd and Kaila Yu. Talking about Kaila, it’s great to see that she is still in business after so many years.

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0 thoughts on “Boob Job of Kaila Yu”

  1. Funny.
    What would’ve had me ROFLMAO is if BOTH girls had actually gone and gotten boob jobs.
    Kaila does’nt need one…but the round eye absolutely does.Anything to draw attention away from that unfortunate grille of hers.

  2. Leave it to Stripes to take the racist shot. I thought it was funny, though.

    Actually Mona Gillen (the “round eye”), while not the best looking woman I’ve ever seen, is fairly attractive, IMO. She looks a little like Reese Witherspoon. (All these round eyes look alike, right Stripes?)

  3. Very weird that the Kaila wiki doesn’t mention anything about her leaked sextape, looks like she really make that thing dissapear from the net.

  4. You can’t make anything disappear from the net.

    Kaila has a sex tape? First I’ve heard of it. She was on “Asian Pick Up Couch” which was more hardcore than anything she’s done since she became a famous model. She was using the name “Nina” at the time. Maybe the “leaked tape” was just that video, and the people that leaked it did not realize that it was not a sex tape.

  5. Denver11: They are clearly fake, and poorly done at that. Any nude video of her will show this.

    And ss mentioned, she was in Asian Pick Up Couch. If you look at her wikipedia history, that entry is repeatedly removed from her filmography. I wonder why.

  6. It’s almost as if people can’t find a link to it in order to prove that it exists. If only someone could find a copy of that video. Perhaps that individual link to it here in this comments section. But it would take an incredibly brilliant individual to find that video and link to it and I do not know if that person is present.

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