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Focus @

Photographer Adam Yurman sent us this beautiful tanned girl from

Adam: Focus. What a strange name. I did not think of this name, it came with the model. But then I do like to keeps things in focus as much as possible so it’s a pleasant name for me as a photographer. Every once in a while I come across a model that has some kind of glamour voodoo going on I would like to share.Focus is a professional model with lots of magazine credits to her name. She is also one of my favorites. She is all natural for you replacement parts experts. She can do any style in front of the camera from Marylin Monroe to Traci Lords poses. She does not like to smile. One strange thing I can tell you is that she never said a word to me in an entire day of shooting other then thank you when she was paid. So she remains a mystery and maybe it’s better that way.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day’s shooting. Of course you can find the more extended library here.

Focus @

Focus @

Focus @

Focus @

Focus @

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0 thoughts on “Focus @”

  1. She would make me loose focus on everything else… 🙂

    Hot, sexy, nice breasts too. If I’m not mistaken, LawBoy will like her style.

  2. I certainly appreciate this “exposure” to Focus. She ranks right up there with Candy as one of Adam’s best.

    Of course the question that keeps going through my mind is… Auto or Manual?

  3. I…can’t…seem…to…focus! Oh there she is. Deeeaam! Where can I get one of those at. I think I need to be alone now.

  4. when i saw this girl i thought she looked a lot like one of the two girls in this music video:

    ne-yo “because of you”

    i think that focus looks like the second girl in the music video, who looks like a black/asian mix. she’s the one that appears in the scene with the singer in the bathroom. does anyone else think so too?

  5. Man, I really hate that ne-yo character alot, but I love this girls buttocks with all my heart. Her nipples look like chocolatey treats I wanna put in my mouth too.

  6. Just when I finally got this song out of my head, Christine brings it back. Do you know how long it took for me to get So Sick out of my head?

    Focus looks a little like that chick in that video, but Focus looks better. Whoever that chick is in the video, she’s got ass.

  7. sweetheart, it’s still stuck in my head. i ain’t watching lo-res music videos on youtube for my health, you know?

  8. I feel you on that. I’m going to be jamming all day at work to that song. Yahoo has better quality videos, and that chick looks so much better at 700kbps, but you can’t scan or go full screen like on YouTube.

  9. I now have that picture of Focus’ buttocks engrained in my brain. Thank you asian-sirens. Not that I’m complaining or anything. I like it alot.

  10. Whenever I see a music video clip with hot chicks in it these days, I automtically turn the volume down before I start watching – it’s become a reflex action now. I’ve found I can avoid a lot of aural pain and suffering that way. 😉

  11. I saw it written somewhere:

    “that scooty’s got a booty that just won’t quit”?

    DR LEE…
    I take it from your last comment you don’t like rap music? I thought there was somthing wrong with you 😛

  12. Wow. ‘Nuff said.

    I am thinking that “Focus” is the latest nom de plume of, Kesara from asian4you/Meijii Mala from 88 Square…

    Or is it just me?

  13. Adam, where did you take these pictures? In Indonesia? Come on…give me your real answer.
    I do not think she is an Indonesian.
    By the way, nice breast.

  14. Hello Litokan.
    Focus is just Focus and not Kesara who is very hot indeed. Focus has never posed for 88square or A 4U. Both of those fine erotic materials production companies work in a style that Focus would not be comfortable with. In the West we call it Hard Core. In S.E. Asia we call it, “Underground”. Both of those sites have had lots of hard core mixed in with their content. Focus will only work within a style she is comfortable in which is more the Playboy Style of soft glamour. And who said anything about Indonesia for goodness sakes? We just don’t mention certain countries on the Internet these days because various Governements search for any mention of their country and block the website. Asian Sirens has experienced this recently so we are trying to stay on the air. And lastly, dear Niners, thank you for the breast compliment. I will wear my see through shirts more often.

  15. I’m still lovin’ the shot of her butt in the second to last one above where she is looking back admiring her own rear end. Garsh!

  16. Hi Christine,
    Although I do not swing the love bat that way, it would be a career boost if I did. Gay photographers and designers almost always make more money then their straight counterparts in the beauty and fashion business because Gays are renouned for their talent. I do love a good scandal but this ain’t one of them. And Arf, you can see Focus eat her banana. You just have to know where to look.

  17. One day we should have a thread about what a hard time it is, to be a straight photographer. What a thread that would be, Adam and others. 🙂

  18. Wow, what a beauty Adam. Thanks, Those nipples look like Hershey’s Kisses. Just as tasty, too, I bet.

    Great caboose as well.

  19. how did i missed the hershey kisses 🙂

    i dont think adam would enjoy his job as much if he were gay 🙂

  20. Guys, come on. I am not a gay as you are thinking.
    What I mean the girl indeed.
    To Adam, do not heart feeling with this joke ok, all of us need joke everyday to keep our stamina in good condition also mood and motivation.

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