Playboy Philippines Miss March 2009 Jessie Medina

Jessie Medina

At first, I wondered why Playboy Philippines Miss March 2009 Jessie Medina got both indoor and outdoor shots for her Playmate of the Month photoshoot. After seeing her goof off at her desk and lounge by the poolside, I realized why: the 22-year-old HRM student looks great in any setting.

Jessie Medina
Jessie Medina
Jessie Medina
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  1. JD, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve spoken with the managing editor of Playboy Philippines about posting scans. He has no problem with it. 🙂

  2. sexy!!! amazing curvy body. A lot more attractive that K. Halili. Just wish we had better pictures to fully appreciate her beauty

  3. I really like the first photo a lot, I don’t think the others are as good. She does look like a fun girl in the ‘office’ set, nice boobs!

  4. the pics are kindof wack, but the first one she looks like a stunner. Love to see the PB pics.

    I think we’re back on track here (jk!)

  5. really? wow, they don’t have quite the quality photogs as the US edition. Still a great post:)

  6. slackerking, Even US edition playboy has never had stunning photo quality imho. Though I’ll admit, I could probably do a lot better than the ones up there. if you’re in florida, guys! <3

  7. IMO…there is nothing ‘Asian-looking’ about this attractive young lady, especially the eyes and nose. From the reactions posted; this “westernized” look is preferred by a majority of a-s members. At least Travis knows what an Asian woman looks like.

  8. I wouldn’t say there’s nothing Asian looking about her, but for me she’s kind of bland, as mixed girls often can be (they seem to either be that or gorgeous). I am once again surprised by AS readers’ reaction to somebody who – while certainly attractive enough – is pretty unremarkable for me.

  9. Right-arm Doctor! “Bland” is appropriate. I refrained from such direct opinion for fear of provoking a rebellion from the crowd!

  10. She is okay, but bland. She does have a nice body which I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. If I knew her in real life, I would be going ga-ga over her, but just looking at her pics over the net, especially those casual shots, she looks pretty mediocre.

  11. I think the best setting for this beauty, would be setting beside me, with my arms wrapped around her, in a passionate love embrace.

  12. I must admit, that first photo drops my jaw every time I look at it. That said, the rest of her photos don’t live up to the first…

    … a case of “one pic wonder”? ^o^;;

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