Midori Yamazaki


This is Midori Yamazaki. She won the 2006 “Race Queen of the Year.” She’s yum. Have you ever been sitting around and thought to yourself “What have I done for Travis lately?” For the record, I accept cash.Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Japanese

























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  1. I think if they EVER did a live action movie version of the Bleach anime series, we may have found our Inoue Orihime!!

  2. I don’t understand how people don’t believe there is a God! Look at this angel. All I can say is Wow.

    Scrolling through the pics I was praying to see a bit of her feet. I was surprised and happy.

    All I can say is she a 100 out of 10.

  3. How does “this angel” in any way prove there is a God? She is very cute though – almost too cute in fact. Eyes like that don’t come naturally, and when I see girls like this in person (without touch-ups etc.), there’s always something strangely disconcerting about them. Still, very cute no doubt.

  4. Midori Haiku:

    Sweet Looking Cutie
    Treasure Treat at Rainbow’s End
    If Only Lucky

    She is extremely cute. There is something about that innocent/oh well look on her face. The eyes have it.

  5. Good things seem to happen most times when I open Travis’ “More…’ links but Jesus H. Christ…

    This gal Midori takes the cake. Call me odd but I especially like how she looked in denim…

    Mmmm, denim.

  6. Be careful KingTutti you can’t mention God around here or you’ll be attacked by the Doc and his Left Wing…and maybe even his right.

    She’s cute Travis but if you wanna see cash we’re gonna need to see her goods…just sayin…

  7. too much “kogaru” style !!
    too fake that she is not so cute than she can be.
    this sort of girl is like a lot of japanese “garu” : look like a bird : cute but small brain !!!

    But nice little body….

  8. Kindof cute, that seems to be the catchword for most Japanese models, they’re never really sexy. But she’s better than most.

    No body though, seriously can’t believe you guys find these type of girls sexy. She’s got the butt of a ten year old boy (not that I would actually know) and ther rest of her doesn’t look much older.

  9. Doc: “Japanese Babes,” “Kingston” and “Asian Girl (visit for beautiful Asian girls)” are all the same person, posting multiple times with multiple links.

  10. Sigh. I’m such a sucker for J-girls, and Yamazaki-san is so cute. Beautiful eyes, killer smile, and a Race Queen to boot! Like a tall, cold can of Victoria Bitters on a hot day on the Gold Coast, it just doesn’t get better.
    And, hey, no way this girl is kogaru. Yeah, she lightens her hair. So do a gazillion girls all across Asia. But: no dark make-up, no day-glow eye-shadow, no bright lip-stick. Kogaru?
    No, what we are seeing here is an Ayumi “bird woman”. I love it! Yamazaki-san is almost alien, and I’m not talking Klingon: delicate, futuristic, strikingly pretty,
    Travis: props, dude. ‘Great AS girl!

  11. A cutie, yeah, but still sexy. An amazing face and that ‘just right’ slender body. Great shot of the straight-up legs. Thanks Travis!

  12. No, she isn’t a kogal, but I think I can see what placeboy’s getting at, in terms of the artificiality and superficiality.

    When you meet a girl with this sort of eyelid surgery in person, it is a very odd experience. It’s as if their eyes are glued open, so they always have this wide eyed stare. They look very cute, like a doll, but the vacuousness of their gaze is also like an inanimate doll, rather than a human being. A living doll looks good in photos, but it’s very strange to actually meet one – they do indeed come across as alien.

  13. Not at all Kogal. No fake tan. Millions of Asian girls color their hair. So do western girls.

    Slacker: she has a “body”. It’s just a smaller package, but is still well-proportioned. She looks all woman to me, not like some child.

    Denver: she looks about 23-24, which is probably when most of these were taken. Totally looks her age.

  14. Oh yes: I agree with slackerking in that Japanese models are almost always cute, but almost never truly sexy. I wouldn’t say this girl has the body of a 10 year old boy though – it is a typical young Asian girl’s body, which as we know usually aren’t super curvaceous.

    As for our “spammer”, he is staying within our posting guidelines so far.

  15. Man…I would just love it if this girl was my significant other. Like best friends for life. She really is a sweet little muffin of goodness making me happy inside.

  16. hmmm,

    only DOC understand what i mean really, i think…

    kogaru is not only because his hair is dyed !!
    it is most like a behaviour or a way of style.

    But she is not “too much kogaru”…

    i am agree with Slacker… about her butt…

    despite all that she is better much looking than some others japanese AV models.

  17. You’re right about the eyes doc. I noticed those right away on this girl. Her mascara is also overdone in a few of these shots which highlights her eyes even more. Definitely a cutie though.

  18. As a filipino guy, I usually go for my female counterparts…. but…. only the japanese almost always seem to make me change my mind. And I hate that….

    Daddy want japanese girl with me…. right now…. I WISH. LOL. LOL.

    Now we all love asian women…. but most of us can only wish. There are few lucky guys. Because c’mon now, the pretty girls have tastes too.

  19. Dr. Lee:

    If you would do a post on eyelid surgery like your classic on breast surgery (the one featuring Sora Aoi), it would be much appreciated. It seems that usually your eyelid surgery comments fall on deaf ears. I think the education would do many of us here some good.


  20. Why eyelid surgeries. Just buy the damn contacts that make your eyes look fabulous.

    I don’t own one just to let y’all know.

  21. That’s an interesting suggestion knarf. It’s nowhere near as complicated as breast surgery (so it wouldn’t make for as interesting an article), but you are right in as much there probably should be more awareness of this, as it is increasingly common these days. I’ll give it some thought.

  22. I’m no nip ‘n tuck specialist like doc, so I don’t know whether this look is the product of eyelid surgery, or, like western models, Yamazaki-san simply photos eyes wide open. Certainly in some of the Car Gal, she isn’t posed like this. I’m likewise no mind-reader like doc, so I myself can’t tell that there is nothing going on behind those pretty eyes: that the smile is just vacuous. I do think people project all sorts of fantasies on pretty girls however, and some not so charitable.

  23. Out of the current discussion, what do y’all think about some filipino dude hitting on a girl like this? Is there any hint of chance or is it impossible like my friend would say?
    Sorry for going out of topic but I have no experience in this kind of thing.

  24. Alden, the truth about being able to get with any woman is that if you don’t think you can get with her, you are right.

    Women like confidence. It has nothing to do with you being Filipino.

    That said, the chances of you getting with “Japanese Race Queen of the Year 2006” are likely pretty slim. Sorry buddy. You’ll have more luck if you set your sights for the runner up ;-).

  25. It depends on what you mean by “a girl like this” – there’s plenty of them around if you look in the right places. However, if she happens to have just won “Miss Race Queen”, then I think Travis’ advice is probably sound. 🙂

  26. I’ve “gotten with” plenty of smoking hot Japanese girls (by my definition), but they are more in my age group, smart, well-educated, and most importantly they put up with my J-fetish!

    Guess it’s all in knowing where and how to look and having the right balance of realistic expectations and confidence, as Doc & Travis say.

  27. Is it just me or is Midori (in the main photo, anyway) a dead ringer for the girl in the “Sakura Live” banners we have posted at this site?

  28. CEC, there is certainly a strong resemblance.

    Alden, aim for the stars, hope for the moon, settle for the clouds. Travis is right that confidence is important, not just because women like it but because you will be less likely to act the fool. also, everybody here obviously like pretty Asian ladies, but our wives/girlfriends don’t have to be model/race queen hot for us to love them.

    I’m just full of it (advice) this morning.

  29. Can’t add anything more about this young lady except that her body is deceptively sexy (meaning she at first came across as having few curves, too skinny etc, but the more I looked, the more I liked). Nudes would be awesome, though.

  30. I’ll agree with you on the deceptively sexy thing Wings… and the nudity issue as well… haha! I really like the pics with the rainbow bikini. I think the colors suit her well. She kinda reminds me of a less chesty version of the late Juno.

  31. I don’t care if the eyes have had work done on them or not. I could stare at that face and body all day long! Nothing wrong with her at all!

  32. Thank you for your advice travis, wingsfan, luvjgirls, and even you doctor lee.

    But I always consider myself a “go big or go home” person. But when it comes to girls…. I guess I could settle for second best. Hahahaha.

  33. The ladies don’t need surgery to make their eyelids like that. There are other ways to do it. I had a fantastic Japanese gf a number of years ago who explained it too me but I’m damned if I can remember how it’s done.

  34. @Luke72: Those shots you posted are interesting because in fact the effect of the surgery is not “eyes wide”. In any case, I stand by my earlier view that Yamazaki-san is a very cute girl: the smile & eyes are lovely, as is her delicate facial form. She is a sexy pixie. I especially love the shots of her with lightened hair in the rainbow bathing suit.
    p.s., after Jackie Chan’s recent statements about Chinese people needing to be controlled, he’s going to need a lot more than eye-surgery for his career. What a moron.

  35. He should say china in general needs to be controlled. And don’t call him a moron….
    *Cracks knuckles* Yeh I’m one of his fans.

  36. I’m not sure why people think the girl in the Sakura ads looks so much like Midori, but I’ve just received information that she is Mirina Aikawa (in censored films) and also Mei Haruka (in uncensored ones).

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