Katrina Halili in Lingerie

Katrina Halili

Filipina actress Katrina Halili lights up a room wearing just about anything, but she looks especially good in lingerie. Carl Valenzona sends in these photos of Katrina modeling Bench Body’s 2009 summer collection.

Katrina Halili
Katrina Halili
Katrina Halili
Katrina Halili
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0 thoughts on “Katrina Halili in Lingerie”

  1. Looks completely spanish//hispanic, very little ‘asian’ influence left in her appearance at all. All things considered then, she has a nice shape.

  2. Although she’s too thick for my taste – and yes she does look almost totally hispanic – I still find her fairly attractive overall. She’s quite pretty anyway.

  3. im a full blooded filipino male… but i dont find her attractive at all… she has a good body and nice hips but she looks way too plain and the ice cold facial expressions dont help too much either. I also wonder how many channels she can pick up with those sat. dishes on the sides of her head.

  4. She only shows how those lingerie puts on, doesn’t show her body. That’s why she is not attractive enough on those pictures.
    I agree with doc, she is preety enough.

  5. Ive seen other pics of her formally in pose & casual…this girl may not be super thin or have a babyface like many fav AV idols, but to me, she oozes sex! She’s got a smokin’ body – full & curvy…Plus I love those bedroom eyes!
    There are other pics of her with her hair down…dont know how that affects the TV reception though! 🙂
    Regardless, I am a fan.

  6. I love Filipinas, my fiance is one, but this girl doesn’t really look it. I notice most of the Filipino girls posted here are like that. Most are mixes, or have more of the Spanish influence, just wondering why most of the Filipina models seem to be that way.
    My fiance looks way more asian than these girls.
    After saying all this, the girls are all still pretty hot though.

  7. Pinay’s like this one never warrant a second look from me. I don’t see anything special about her. She would probably look much better is she smiled and had her hair down (ears). The way her face looks makes me want to punch a kitten… haha! I can’t believe I just typed that… but I want to scream: fix your face right into her… well… face… haha!

  8. Careful Flipn’ — but as I alluded to before, without that body, no one would pay any attention to her.

  9. So sorry, I got carried away there… haha! She is quite “Hippy”, though… haha and I like that in an Asian.

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