Playboy 2006 Korea Model Contest

Okay, this clip is from 2006, but who cares about what year it was shot if there are a bunch of beautiful Korean women walking down the catwalk?! 🙂

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  1. oh my goodness. i’m sorry, but i think these ladies look like ironing boards. i can’t find that attractive.

  2. I was paying close attention to the models & completely ignoring the singer. Whew!
    They aren’t all skinny rails; some have curves.
    Happy to see this clip. Let’s get back to T & A…enough with the slinging of racial slurs!

  3. Ironing boards! LOL. There’s actually a lot to like here; what sets the foxy ones apart from the ironing boards is a small waist (i.e., curve from hips up to waist–plenty of skinny girls, but small hips with a small waist = stick). Only a couple of little waists to admire in that rather lanky group. Also, abundant hair disasters; they’ve all trashed naturally silky beautiful hair.

  4. I think Girl 5 and Girl 6 are attractive, while the rest really do come off as total noodles to me. I don’t understand how they can walk with BMI (body mass index)’s that low.

  5. ‘Ironing boards’ and ‘total noodles’ – you certainly have a way with words Christine! 😉 My initial reaction when I started watching this video was “God, this girl is a shapeless stick”. But Christine’s choices of words are a lot more creative. 🙂

    BTW, we did a post on Harisu here. I think such a remarkable and high profile celebrity deserves something better though. Robin?

  6. Hey Christine, how did you get this info? Maybe we should put you on the Asian Sirens staff – you certainly know how to do your research!

    Interestingly, I don’t think Lee’s body looks too bad in these photos (although it doesn’t exactly look great either). But I really don’t find her pretty at all.

  7. I actually think that the transgender singer, Harisu (who we saw performing in the middle of this clip) was sexier than all of the contestants.

  8. Yeah christine, feel like blogging for us? 🙂 It would be nice to have a female perspective on board. We do have a minimum of one post per month rule, but that should not be a problem 😉

    Mail me private (left column) if you are interested, and I will send you some more info on posting.

  9. hi everyone,
    iknow this is off topic,but has the asiansirensphotos yahoo group been deleted? because the other day i just suddenly found that i’m not in the group anymore..can someone please explain this to me? maybe zamscan?
    i’m mortified,becoz i have loads to download from the groups,especially the crystal wacker files..thanx..

  10. those girls were mad skinny, playboy has been known to leave the skinny chicks to the catwalk and keep the curves, whats goin on? anywho, not a bad video.

  11. For the most part, I liked it fine (except for the lack of nudity…lol)

    One negative comment, though. Did the hair stylist hate the models? A hair design other than “stupid tramp” would have gone a long way to helping these women look better, IMO.

  12. All the girls aren’t skinny. Girl #2 has some chub to her. The problem is that these contestants aren’t cute. I wasn’t expecting them to be all curvy, but I did expect them to at least be cute.

  13. I’m wondering what the average poster on this site looks like … On second thought: I really DON’T want to know!
    I bet most of you guys look the opposite of these models 😛

  14. Not me, I’m a spitting image of almost every one of these models. At least when it comes to body type. That goes for the shim who was singing too. You’d never know if it was him or me if you didn’t know.

  15. Vader…..i hope i look the opposite of these models…because i do have a little something something and they dont….:) i think doc has one too…:)….

  16. doc, can i also get an opinion on her breasts? even though they are small, they don’t look real to me, like how they sit on her here:
    photo 1
    or bottom right in this one: photo 2

    i have to consider the offer guys! thanks a lot though. i will be thinking about becoming a poster and get back to robin within a few days.

  17. Well Lawboy … the bigger the body mass, the smaller the size of the penis is usually. So, you may be right.

  18. Nice detective work Christine! At this size, it’s hard to tell for sure, but I’d say you are right. The way they always maintain the same perky, rounded shape regardless of her pose (particulary in pic 1) is highly suggestive of implants. Perhaps we should call call you Dr. Christine from now on. 😉

    BTW, have you read my Breast Surgery 101 article? I think you might enjoy it!

  19. ‘A little something’

    LawBoy, gotcha! :)))

    christine, there are some slightly curvy ones. But I guess you like the fleshy ones, just like me, ‘ats good.

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