Notification of Down Time

This is just a quick note to let everybody know that there will be some down time for our server between 9 and 10 AM US eastern standard time on Tuesday the 18th, due to a server upgrade. The expected down time will only be 10 minutes, but it could be as much as half an hour.

Update: The server upgrade is now complete!

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0 thoughts on “Notification of Down Time”

  1. yes your right wrong thread… I have been making odd comments my whole life

    you only need to worry if you start to understand what I say…. I spend most of the time on Pluto..and now they say its not a planet… and when Im not on Pluto im either in New York City of Shanghai…..I think I amy need some seriuos help,,,,

  2. until then I will enjoy your terrific site…
    and trey not to break any rules…

    PS on Pluto I get to make the rules…

  3. I also have big hands and hit to keys at one time a lot….esp if using blackberry…

    plus I’m not so smart…

  4. lol i love the trail of four comments you left hahahaha i am always tempted to re-comment and correct my mistakes too

    on the planet note, living in gen x means that when i get older, i get to tell my grandkids, ‘well back when your grandma was a wee lass, pluto used to be a planet’ and they’ll probably stare at me in awe and disbelief while eating my freshly baked cookies

  5. Christine
    Your Grandkids will also be surprised when you tell when Pluto was a Planet, Shanghai was a city with only 17,000,000 people.

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