Photographers: the next generation


It seems a lot of photographers nowadays just don’t want to be ‘just a photographer’. Maybe they aren’t making enough money, maybe they just can’t stand the work-pressure of shooting all those beautiful women, or pherhaps they’ve read an internet-marketing book. But the fact is that more and more of them start to do stuff on the web that goes beyond selling their photos. Calenders, behind the scenes videos, interviews with the models, ‘Girl of the Week’ contests, etc., it all comes with the job of this ‘next generation’ photographer.

Kim Mizuno, famous for his East West calendars and his work for Playboy will soon launch a new photo-portal: MZ Women.Up and coming Roley Chiu already surprised us with Rollsonline some time ago, and will soon launch a new site: The STIR-project. Asian-Sirens will have an exclusive interview with Roley when the site is ready!


Another good example of a photographer who knows his marketing is Greg Hadel with his


Personally I really like this development (more stuff to post about!), and I can only imagine that you do to. So let’s show them our support! 🙂

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  1. I really think this is great for the industry of Gravure//Adult modeling//photography.

    Once again, to anybody reading out there that wants to model in orlando, contact me!!!


  2. Perhaps I’m not the only one who’s tired of the current American glamour style – always the same poses, same facial expressions, same touch-ups. Roley does some nice stuff, but look at the 24mainstreet screen grab for example – every shot looks exactly the same! I need more variety, creativity and realism – like the Japanese glamour photographers for example.

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