Misa Campo

Misa Campo

Misa Campo has been featured here before (and also incorrectly cited as Filipina-German), but since her original post in 2006, she has launched her own website www.misacampo.com and has catapulted to [relatively] great popularity in the import model world, as evidenced by the proliferation of her photos on the web.Filipina-Dutch Misa, 19-years-old, started bartending in Montreal, Canada, where her bosses suggested modeling to her. Shortly after her start, Misa won Miss Rocawear 2006 at the performance racing auto show Sport Compact Performance. Since then, her major modeling successes have included appearances in Maxim Magazine and DragSport Magazine, as well as being chosen as an IGN Entertainment DVD Babe of the Day.

In her interview with BabeBlvd.com, Misa said that her ultimate sex fantasy included “a sauna…all hot and sweaty” and “jumping into the shower afterward.”

As for her vital stats, Misa is 5’6″, 115 lbs, and 34C-24-34.

Congratulations to Misa on launching her own website after such a short time since the start of her modeling career. The chocolate-covered Misa photo above is actually a sold out print on her website, which indicates she’s still doing well. With so many promising appearances in major magazines, we can likely expect to see Misa’s face again and again.

More photos of Misa (all were taken from her official website):

Misa Campo

Misa Campo

Misa Campo

Misa Campo

More of Misa on the web:
Misa Campo @ misacampo.com (official website)
Misa Campo @ myspace.com (myspace)
Misa Campo @ askmen.com
Misa Campo @ babeblvd.com
Misa Campo @ ign.com

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  1. I been in love with her since I first saw her. She looks so scrumptious, especially covered in chocolate. She has a site, it’s just a page to sell photos and such but it is better than the models who only just have a MySpace page. Anyway, she is hot.

  2. Seemed to have a cool enough attitude on the DVD sample, but that last shot with her in the shower just looks a bit off to me

  3. i don’t doubt she is a pretty girl, but i feel like all of the prints on her website for sale have been too heavily doctored

  4. I have to beg to differ with Christine on this one: I do serioulsy doubt she’s a pretty girl – I suspect she really needs tons of makeup and touch-ups to look pretty at all. Her body’s pretty nice though, and the chocolate-coated cover shot is very sexy!

  5. i think body and face are nice on misa. cant really make out the boob job with all the topings πŸ™‚ how about some nudies πŸ™‚

  6. to me, it’s all her face =), I dig her face much more than her body. Her face and boobs are the best parts.

  7. I don’t think she needs tons of makeup to actually look pretty. It’s not like she is some butterface. She does need makeup so that she doesn’t look so pale. Regardless, she is still a cutie.

    And here is some lo res video for your pleasure.

  8. The last pic that I posted is just a better picture of her IMO. She does look scrumptious covered in chocolate, but her face looks pale and I don’t like the way her face is angled.

    I also took the chance to look at my old comments on Misa. I changed my stance on her somewhat. I know Misa is smoking hot and I think she is somewhat pretty, just not as pretty as someone like LD. Plus who knows how pretty she looks without the makeup/touchup which is also the case for alot of import models.

    I’m just expecting her to look hot and she does to me.

  9. Give her more credit. She has incredible eyes, and that can’t be airbrushed, and while she is probably the type to benefit from (eye) makeup, I think she would still look cute without it. Her face structure, nose, and eyes still look cute to me even when distorted making a stupid face like in Candyman’s pic.

    I think the airbrushing is unnecessary and detracts from the pictures, especially the excessive blush on her cheeks, makes her look like a clown. She looks great to me with or without any tan.

    For me her face is great, if anything her body has a drawback in that it seems like if she puts on even a little weight, it wipes out her waist. Look at the shower pic and Candyman’s pic.

  10. Ok here are some non-airbrushed pics where she still looks cute to me, even the one where she looks worn out:

    Wow I just figured out how to do thumbnails and links and stuff for this post. I’m so proud! sniff

  11. Oh yes, after seeing Candyman’s pic and a few others, I have to agree on your criticism of her body – she really does seem to have a tendency toward having quite a thick waist. I guess I’ll pass on this one!

  12. I use this code:

    < A HREF = “put link to full size here” >< IMG SRC =”put link to thumbnail here” > < /A >

    you just remove all those spaces I added in and the code will work.

  13. I recently made it possible to use standard HTML code here (instead of just pMachine code), so this sort of thing is now easier than before. You can also still use pMachine code (URL instead of A HREF).

  14. ooooh my goodness…

    itΒ΄s getting real hot in here.

    can someone send me the mobile number of Misa Campo??

  15. Hold on…I used to have her number in my little black book, but I can’t seem to find it right now. Give me few days and I’ll get back to you with it. πŸ™‚

  16. Just see her video on youtube. This girl is so hot, super sexy and really look alike Leah Dizon by the way πŸ˜€

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