Ryoko Shinohara in chocolate commercial

Apparently 22 degrees Celsius is the best temperature to eat chocolate. At that temperature the chocolate is about to melt and causes the biggest sensation. So why not add a dot to the package that turns pink when the temperature hits that very same 22 degrees? Via Fresh Creation.

And if you don’t like chocolate, but want to learn more about Ryoko Shinohara, then Wikipedia has more on her.

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  1. I was one of the few people that saw this unremarkable advert-but I guess this is the way of the internet in the future. Probbaly someone protecting their copyright.

    The future is bleak and wll no doubt just be the same media barons we get in the press-SAD

  2. Looking at the site activity in last few days, its either time to post something great like Reon Kadena or something really bad for us to flame like Tila Nguyen.

  3. I did happen to catch the video when it was still active. I had a double entendre already prepared. I was going to say there’s two things that I would like to eat, but I guess not. Oh well, how bout more Reon?

    And one more for good measure. I couldn’t help myself 😉

  4. Let’s keep things on topic guys! If you want us to do an article on somebody, please send a message via our “Contact Asian Sirens” link in the lefthand column.

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