Anastasia – Alluring Chinese American model


Anastasia is not your typical model. She doesn’t currently have a paysite or even her own website but does have a very popular Yahoo Group ClubAnastasia where she interacts with her fans on a regular basis. She is not really an import model or into that scene and has made only a few appearances at import car show events most notably one in San Diego as a regular attendee before she became a model where she got more attention than most of the models based on the black see thru dress and matching g-string she wore that showed off her hot bod and amazing backside. That actually led to offers from professional photographers and she quickly became a much sought after model. Anastasia has always been a fan favorite and has won the favorite model contest a record THREE times chosen by fans (who vote with raffle tickets which cost $1 each) at the Model Showcase Events held in the Los Angeles area.Here is a photo that I took of Anastasia at the Model Showcase Event on February 20th, 2005:


I actually knew Anastasia before she became a model (mostly online). She was a very popular contributor in several Yahoo Clubs I was a part of and continues to be one of the few Asian “Divas” who continues to contribute to my Asian Divas Yahoo Group which I truly appreciate.

If you are interested in working with Anastasia, checkout her OMP Profile and contact her by e-mail at

Anastasia posing in a bikini on the beach, photos by Christopher Hartman
Anastasia featured on pantyhoselane with sample pantyhose fetish photos

I believe there were some slightly more explicit photos on another site but most of them were removed so I won’t mention the site (it has been mentioned before recently) and I don’t have access to the member’s section of that site myself.

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  1. Just gotta comment on this georgous girl…………Hey pk…… wow, you should really cash in on that talent for judging models……. you could make, like, ……. NOTHING at it.

    For your information pk (stands for puke, or something like that? ) Anastasia has a huge following. Her yahoo! site has wayyyyyyy beyond the normal “model” group site membership and she has a xanga site that she posts on almost daily, fresh with pics and free updates. Her fans and members can’t get enough of her.

    I can understand you saying that her face is “alright” and her ass belongs on a black chick. (Is there something WRONG with a black chick?) She is amazingly beautiful, but I guess a guy who has never had sex (except with his own hand) would’nt recognize real beauty.

    Good luck with all of that.

  2. Okay lorili, we are here to discuss Asian models – people are free to say whether they like them or not (and why), but personal attacks on other contributors are out. Please restrain your comments.

    Personally, I do not like this model at all – far too ‘primitive’ looking for my taste. But obvioulsy a lot of other people do, and I respect both points of view.

  3. This isn’t a first amendment issue – once again, you are free to express your opinion. It’s just a question of how you express it – we call it ‘manners’. Besides, in any online forum the moderators have the right to enforced their own rules in such matters.

  4. Hah, people who insist on the “first amendment” in the online world always amuse me. FYI, there is no such thing as free speech when you’re in a private place/setting, i.e. a private home, business, or etc. Includes a website not owned by you.

    Anywho, she’s cute, but I wouldn’t call her exceedingly pretty. Sometimes being cute and nice is better than being extremely hot and haughty. Dunno about her though, haven’t seen her around and/or heard of her before this.

  5. It’s refreshing to see somebody point this bleedingly obvious fact out – I too am amused at how much many Americans love to cite their ‘first amendment rights’ in online fora when they simply do not apply in any private setting (and this includes online fora). If you want to assert your ‘first amendment rights’ without any restrictions, you have to set up your own web site (and even then there are laws that will restrict what you can say e.g. child you-know-what).

  6. Actually……….. I am a model and I DO have my own site. I have a yahoo group and a pay site, which is why I know Anastasia and LOTS of other models who I have worked with and have respect for. Anastasia is something very rare in the modeling industry. She has not been “altered” cosmetically or surgically. She has a boyfriend who she shamelessly talks about in her xanga journal. She doesn’t plan on modeling forever and she has a “real” job. She does nothing with her hair and doesn’t wear make-up and she is shameless about her butt which she loves and promotes and which is larger than is supposed to be “acceptable”. For me, being a girl in this industry, Anastasia is so real and refreshing and honest that I am really, really proud of her.

    It feels bad to have people bash and judge girls who are fun and refreshing and who you care about. I understand that you guys just log on here to judge her straight up on her looks. But us girls have a running battle with you………. we want you to judge the whole package. For someone who is in this business I can tell you that you will get a lot of mileage out of caring about US as opposed to what we look like alone. But that is a battle for another day…………

    And f.yi. I don’t care ANYTHING about the first amendment. I was actually being sarcastic and I find the fact that you guys took it seriously, very very funny.


  7. Hi lorili,

    Perhaps you should update your profile to link your username to your web site. Like it or not, if you put yourself up as a model, people will judge you on your looks – that’s what being a model is all about! It’s a bit like a singer saying she doesn’t want people to judge her on her voice! If you want people to judge you on more than just your looks, then show them what else you can do (like Sachiko does, for example). Or consider another career.

    I find it hard to believe that your first amendment citation really was an attempt at humor – I’m sure you’re the only one who’s laughing anyway! 🙂



    She Is Refreshing AS IS…and Id Hit IT

    Over and OVER and OVER

  9. What, an Asian packing an ass like that? Yeah, more of that, please. Cute face too, even with minimal make-up as in those photos. “Primitive-looking?” The hell is that supposed to mean? I mean, I don’t see her wearing a loincloth or anything. Oh, I get it, she actually has somethig in the way of an actual body, therefore she looks “primitive,” hmm? Or could it be the swarthier end of the complexion scale? I’m guessing some among us are into 12-year old looking bricks. How “sophisticated.”

    That is all.

  10. It seems this article attracts a lot of defensive posts! IMHO, apart from her ass, this girl actually doesn’t have much of a body – flat-chested, and no feminine shape. So actually, this girl sort of looks like a 12 year old with an ass pasted on, which looks kind of strange to me. But each to their own!

    BTW, the ‘primitive’ comment is a reference to her face. As this term offended some people though, we now use the term ‘islander looking’ instead.

  11. Oh my…here’s one I seems to have missed. That butt and legs are hot. No surprise also…I like her island face too.

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