Miki Sasaki in Bondi Tsunami


While I love living in Australia, our population is just too small and isolated to support much of a modelling industry – for example, we don’t have the ‘import’ scene which seems to be the main source of employment for Asian models in the US.

We do however have a very large percentage of Asians living and studying here, and a very high percentage of our Asian girls are good looking (many people I know who’ve lived overseas have told me this). Their culture thrives here also, and perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this is Japanese beach culture.When young Japanese come to the part of Australia I live in, it seems they become even more ‘Aussie’ than many Australians, and really embrace the laid-back, Australian beach culture as their own. Emerging independent Australian film maker Rachael Lucas thought this would be an interesting subject for a feature film, and the result is Bondi Tsunami.

I won’t bother trying to explain the film here (let’s just say it’s very different!), but of interest to Asian Sirens readers will be one of the film’s main stars, Miki Sasaki. Unfortuantely the pic above was the best one I could find on the net, but having seen the film myself I can confirm she’s really cute! If anybody can find better pics please post them here.

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  1. I once stumbled across some photos on the net taken at a beach in Japan (didn’t bookmark it, sorry). It wasn’t a clothing optional beach, but the outfits the Japanese girls were wearing were tiny little strings of thin cotton that were completely transparent when wet.

    Is this Japanese beach culture? And do you see it in Australia?

  2. Here in oz they tend to wear regular western-style swimming costumes, or wetsuits when they go surfing – an enormous number of Japanese come to Australia simply to surf.

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