OW. New magazine?


Found this magazine (OW/Oriental Women) on the shelves yesterday. Did not look into it, because I was in a hurry, so I took a quick photo. Could not find any info on the web. Does anybody know if this magazine has been around for long? And why can’t I find a website?

PS. Thanks to l0b0h0mbre we now found the website!

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  1. I tried looking everywhere…Still on it…

    The Slant Eye for the Straight Guy tag on the cover cracked me up…I googled it and found an adult series of films with that name…And, of course, Gianna is everywhere!

  2. This mag has been out for a while. The cover format was changed about 4 months ago. Originally the actual words “Oriental Woman” were spelled out on the cover.

  3. Good find l0b0h0mbre!

    I know Lee, first I have to finish some local projects here. And when that is running I hope to have some time to travel and to start new projects like a Asian men magazine.

  4. Got an interesting e-mail about the magazine today from K4K:

    Hi there — (I’m a new member)

    Just wanted to make a few comments on your OW entry.

    Firstly, the link you put up to an OW webpage is defunct. It’s at least
    2 1/2 years old. You can’t order anything from them:

    “Please be advised that as of March 15, 2006 iBill is no longer
    offering a Catalog Shopping Cart option for clients. The Catalog Shopping Cart
    has been completely disabled.”

    Oh well. Try this link:


    Their adult magazine section offers a LOT of selection — definitely
    worth a browse.

    Secondly, OW is owned by ‘Global Media Group, Ltd.’ in New York. They
    also own ‘Oui’ magazine. But they don’t have a web site.

    Lastly, good choice! I’ve only managed to pick up 2 issues of OW in the
    last few years — June 2003 w/ Sabrine Maui and April 2006 w/ Teanna
    Kai. I don’t think I’ve ever spotted any other issues! They seem to come
    out sporatically….or maybe vendors just don’t buy them. I don’t know.

    I would recommend picking OW up if you see it. It usually has 1 good
    porn star pictorial (with fake name) along with a couple other ‘ordinary’
    Asian girl photo shoots. Plus it does a lot of porn movie reviews
    (complete with scene pics).

    2003 issue:
    1 pornstar; 3 ugly girls; 3 porno reviews

    2006 issue:
    2 pornstar pictorials; 2 ugly girl pictorials; 5 porno reviews.

    Hope this helps you out some.

    Other Asian magazines I would recommend are ‘Asia 18’ and ‘Shaved
    Orientals’ (can find both on the website I gave at the top).


  5. Hey all — just took a look today at the OW issue that Robin posted the pic of and I have to say that I’m really quite dissapointed. The magazine has become VERY thin with barely any content inside. Compared to issues of earlier years, OW has definitely dropped in quality (but not price!).

    There’s better out there — keep looking.

  6. The link above is now dead. Most likely how the magazine will be soon. I have seen less and less of these quality hardcore hardcopy magazines, with the proliferaiton of the internet. Too bad.

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