Photographer Geoffrey Ashley

Photography: Geoffrey Ashley -

Still photos of naked ladies is not all photographer Geoffrey Ashley shoots. But sexy, fun, attention-grabbing images of intriguing women are the primary focus of his work. He has more to say about his style, but since it’s all in an image, and I don’t feel like typing it all over, you will have to go there yourself.

You should check his work out anyway, because from galley three on there are some very fine looking Asian babes. Direct links to gallery pages three, four and five. I must say I really like his work.

Source: Fleshbot

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  1. Some very interesting (and sometimes quite erotic) compositions here. In this case the odd angles and close-ups actually do add some artistic merit to his photos (probably because he’s starting out with interesting subjects in the first place). A refreshing change from the “tight crop in monochrome equals art” mentality that afflicts so many so-called profesional photographers these days.

    BTW Robin, you missed the Asian babe at the bottom of page 1. 😉

  2. I must say I also find his lack of pretension refreshing – calling his site “still photos of naked ladies”! He talks about having a spontaneous, photojournalistic style without anything extraneous, which is the best way to capture the moment of inspiration – I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Yes, it’s always nice to see a different style of photography from the norm. Thanks Robin!

    Any idea the name of the model used in your opening shot Robin or anyone? Maybe it’s on his site and I missed it?

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