Mu Mu: China’s nude breed of blogger

Mu Mu China's nude breed of blogger

One of China’s hottest blogs belongs to Mu Mu (gives a whole new meaning to the tent-like dress you wear to watch soap operas and eat chips) who writes about everything, always posting a pic’ with only her body showing, and states in The China Daily News: “After watching my body, if I expose my face to you then the only thing left will be emotion.” Take a better look at why.
Mu Mu China's nude breed of blogger

Before Mu Mu was Muzi Mei (from my region in China) and a “Sister Lotus” who both wrote about having more sexual encounters than the Pacific fleet. MU MU’s blog drives in some 10,000 visitors a day–far more than either of her predecessors. Surprisingly, confessional blogs are still rare in China due to censorship– and the Chinese love to tease me with a myth about western culture: “Chinese don’t talk about sex, but do it. Americans don’t do it, but love to talk about it.” I respond with: “I love a challenge. I will try both!”

Typical of Cantonese scepticism, critics are saying she does not show her face because it looks like 10 Kilometers of bad China road and who could begin to look a girl adoring in the face and say “Mu Mu” (“wood, wood” in English) without eventually falling out? But, come on, who would be looking at her face?

Perhaps my Newest Resolution should be to pose with my boxer collection on every one of my China Blog posts (Disney fans will love my dumbo ones) to increase readership.

Shirts off to you Mu Mu!! Who needs Blog traffic services when you can frame your gorgeous can with a pan?

Mu Mu China's nude breed of blogger

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  1. Just an experiment…Bear with me…

    I will be more dutiful with the Photoshop collages in the future. Thanks for fixing the layout Robin.

  2. From my check on the link you include, Mu Mu has stopped posting since March. She says she reached 3000 visitors, and that was enough for her to move on.

  3. Perhaps that was 3,000 unique visitors a day! She was raking in the traffic.

    Thanks for the update as I have not been to the site for a while.

    MuMu, an admitted member of the communist party (she would have made McCarthy have second thoughts),may have been asked to cool things down:

    Recent participants in the most beautiful blogger contest sponsored here were screened for content that might be too suggestive. Seems like an oxymoron to us, but the authorities, 30,000 plus censors, are watching things…

    The real winner was desposed for having suggestive photos on her site.

    It is bound to get better as 10,000 new Chinese bloggers appear, on just one of many Chinese blog services, every day.

    I am hoping for more with the bravery and beauty of MuMu!

  4. Is “hedgehog mumu” her? If so this article shows a her headshot in the left column – if it is her, then her face looks just fine to me!

  5. Dr. Lee,

    I don’t think Hedgehog is the same MuMu…

    Awful handle but, yup she is a looker…Too bad they DQ’d Hedge out of the contest!

    Her site has been wiped clean on this end of the ocean….Yours?

  6. I couldn’t read Hedgehog Mumu’s site but I found the photos she posted on her site and reposted them in my Asian Divas Yahoo Group (if not already a member you need to join the group to view the photos since they are in the photo section). I don’t think it is the same Mumu. Here is the direct link to the 12 photos (some semi-nude) of Hedgehog Mumu: Hedgehog Mumu photos.

  7. Whoah, she is sexy! Very interesting photography too. She also has one of the perkiest pairs of breasts I’ve ever seen!

  8. You’re welcome santini!

    I appreciate your courtesy in asking to use the photos even though I don’t have the rights to them. Feel free to repost them. If it is not too much to ask, I would appreciate it if you could link back to my Asian Divas Yahoo Group (just the group, no need to link to the photo gallery unless you want to).

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