Official site of Sunisa Kim

Official site of Sunisa Kim

Robin mentioned it before,, the official website of Sunisa Kim that supposed to be launched in July 2005. To be honest I’ve no idea when they launched it but I just had a quick look. It’s definitely different than the average modelsite but to be honest, it’s a bit too flashy for me. What do you think?

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  1. Yeah I just love these Flashy sites. They take ten minutes to load and then half the time they make my computer freeze up! Which Sunisa’s just did so I’m not going back. Why do models insist on trying to dazzle us with graphics instead of their looks? Just do a sharp basic site like Francine Dee or Sung Hi Lee and everyone’s happy. Damn! That’s all for my vent.

  2. Not only that, there is almost no real content there! I believe in civility, so I am not (not, I emphasize) going to refer to her web site designer as a narcissistic idiot.

  3. My opinions on Flash-based sites are well-known – I usually hate them! They are too slow to load, too in-your-face, and often crash my browser.

  4. Indeed…her “idiotically narcissistic” webby is sadly ahead of the curve.It’s dizzying to navigate…and even though I have a fast connection-it was still a tad balky.What the hell does a model need with a site like this anyway? I could almost understand a retail outlet trying this.Just do a static site with click and play video if you must Ms. Kim.Most people have neither 64bit chips…or hi-speed connections.Hopefully you paid him in favors-and not cash.

  5. A bit too flashy is an understatement. Do you know what’s worse than Flash-based sites? Flash-based sites that navigate like ass. It’s already bad enough that it takes forever to load on a broadband connection. But when I try to view her portfolio, it keeps bringing me back to where I started which is annoying. Eventhough I can’t do any better, whoever designed the site should have focused first on functionality, then added the bells & whistles. I also hate it when models relaunch their sites with no content.

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