Miliyanah Castillo


Miliyanah is one of the models I discovered at Totally Hot Asians, the same site that featured Grace Gretchen. So far, the only facts I could find about her is that she is Filipino and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Can anyone tell more about her?

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  1. this might be her, but the pic is too small to tell. same first name though.

    “Faith Leon was having a lingerie-only bachelorette party – but only with her two ‘best friends’ Kina Kai and Miliyanah Castillo – who may or may not have slept with her fiance, resulting in quite the CHLOROFORM PARTY, PART ONE![December 21st] ”

  2. I was about to say that if we wait, totallyhotasians himself would provide the information! It seems that he did as I was writing this.

    I was also thinking of posting a few more pics, but I suppose that they are his to post and I’m not sure how to post picture in comments anyway.

    Totally Hot Asians seems to be working hard to put up lots of pictures in the galleries there, and many of them are quite nice. Also, his myspace page, which is has links to the models, who are his “friends.” (Don’t you just love/hate myspace?)

  3. She’s hot.
    Chloroform party? I’m doubled over in laughter.Sounds like/looks like some plot device from a 70’s era soap opera.Has’nt been used anesthetically since the late 19th CENTURY.Oh well…on the scale of potentially harmful ideas…it’s probably less dangerous than say GHB SURPRISE.

  4. i was up date 5000 friends. they don’t like sites unless the model is promoting themselves (which, ironically, is against their TOS). but do you really ever see them deleting Tila Tequlia?

  5. @totallyhotasians: would be great if you can provide us some more pictures of Miliyanah. Also, can you confirm Zams find that she is featured as Miliyanah Castillo as well? Thx!

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