Grace Gretchen

Grace Gretchen

While checking one of the sites featuring Susan Dumagan, I discovered Grace Gretchen, a 20 years old Chinese beauty from Los Angeles, CA.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a lot of information about her. Besides Nitin Productions, she’s been featured at Onemodelplace (Photographer: Curtis W. Cleveland) and Totally Hot Asians.

Grace Gretchen

Grace Gretchen

Grace Gretchen


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  1. I beg to differ k4k, for those of us who prefer our ladies natural we appreciate the natural body of the current choice (not that I have anything against the sizzling other Grace). Her hair is very LA but I don’t worry much about hair color. She has a cute body and face. I still prefer at least a little patch down below but hot nonetheless. My favorite is photo #5.

  2. I have to say K4K, while I enjoy your frequently very witty comments, I don’t see any value in ‘this girl is better than that girl’ comparisons. Everyone has different taste – and you are very welcome to say whether you like or dislike a girl – but I don’t think this sort of comparison has any meaning.

  3. Robin, I was just talking to Grace and she said she doesn’t like your hair very much either. I think she’s scrumptious!

  4. Good post. I think Grace is hot. She’d be even hotter with jet-black hair and some carpet downstairs. Still, she’s great. And I’d have to disagree with Johnnie… no implants, please.

  5. Doc —

    That’s exactly why I made “no comparison”. 🙂 And besides…

    NONE of it has any meaning!!! Any action past eating, sh*tting, and f*cking is meaningless!

    There is no kind of higher virtue in stating preference of shaved over hairy, moreso than prefering one total look versus another. Frankly, I find it incredibly debasing and objectifying to disassemble a model and crituque her by body part! You offer your piecework opinion, I offer mine wholesale. Which way is “right”? Neither.

    Sometimes this place makes me crazy.

    p.s. – I dig the shave, too.

  6. Calm down K4K! This post borders on unacceptable.

    And you can offer your opinion on the girl wholesale e.g. I like her, I think she’s cute, I don’t like her etc. But what’s the point in comparing models as completely different as these two Graces? Okay, so they have the same name, so I guess that’s your basis for doing it. But this type of comment is bound to be flame bait – I don’t want to see an endless tit for tat of ‘my Grace is better than your Grace’! 🙂

  7. K4K, nicely put, that ‘by body part’ argument. Never thought of it like that. And be cool, lol.

    Anyway, I won’t say which Grace I like more… It depends on the occasion… 😉

  8. cute girl…i think she looks better with the purple undies…sometime a woman looks better with some clothes as to totally bared…leave something of a mystery and for us to take off :))…
    guys it’s the new year lets smoke peacepipe and not fight….plus everyone knows Irene Fah is way hotter ; )…..j/k

  9. Dear Moderators,

    Call me acceptable, call me unacceptable, but do NOT charge me with “bordering on”! Now it’s unacceptable to be close to being unacceptable?!? WTF?!? That’s like being ‘almost pregnant’!

    You set the rules; I try to follow them. Please don’t harass me for NEARLY breaking your rules.

    I’ll be taking a reading-writing leave from AS, post-haste.

  10. Relax K4K – methinks you are overreacting a bit! I usually warn people about borderline comments so that they don’t post illegal comments in the future – I enjoy most of your comments, so I wouldn’t want to have to ban you!

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