North Korea: Busting out


There appears to be even more reason for the international community to embrace North Korea as they attempt to shake their status as an internetional pariah.

Recently, it has been reported that businesses offering facial plastic surgery, skin maintenance and breat augmentation are becoming more popular among the wealthy class. Full story here.

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  1. We’re kind of proud to be able to get stories about the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ so we hope Asian Sirens likes it too! 🙂

    I am looking forward to your comments in this regard, and thus posting the first to get notifications.

  2. I betcha NK chix are hot. They always are in those politically repressed countries.Think Venezuela…Cuba…the old Soviet Bloc nations.Can’t wait ’til they join the rest of us.

  3. Is that blonde hair I see in that in the picture above? They must be into the whole hair dying thing too. And, they have some really healthy boobs for such a poor nation.

  4. It is good for North Korea. In future, I believe they will open the gate wider. But there is still gender differentiation in Korea, which women always in second class.
    I hope from this day, especially in Korea, women are not in second class anymore.

  5. William, you mean good monsters….. 🙂

    I just hope they are not getting tattoos wildly, then they would become real monsters.

    So, if I pay between $7 or $10 I can get sex on-the-spot with a masseuse? Suddenly I feel like getting a visa to know this unknown country….. 🙂

  6. what do you all think of the double eyelid surgery? i know a friend (extremely vain) who has gotten it but doesn’t want anyone else to know (except for the people who already know, of course). she looks OK with it, but it definitely looks fake – when she blinks, the crease does not look natural at all.

  7. Christine, sometimes eyelid surgery failed. I have also a friend. Her surgery, according to people arround her is scary. Thus it makes her has scary eyelid rather than more beauty.
    Without bliking, we know she had eyelid surgery.

  8. wow niners, that is so sad. in general, i just don’t think it’s a good idea for girls to get double eyelid surgery. are there huge risks for hurting the eye as well when the surgery is performed?

  9. stripes, double-eyelid surgery is really common among asian girls. lots of asian girls don’t have creases in their eyelid – so they get double-eyelid surgery to get these creases.

    though i have creases, i noticed when i was very small that i didn’t have creases like a lot of my friends – their eyes seemed more deeply inset into their face. a lot of the makeup techniques in girls’ magazines weren’t suited for me because they talked about “lining the crease with [insert color here]” and i would think “…what crease?” i think a lot of asian girls can relate.

  10. Christine, suggested not to take surgery in order to avoid any failures. If you want to have eyelid, make it temporary like you said.
    Against your “link” she got good surgery, I think. Her eyes becomes larger, but the bottom line there will be no effects in sighting.
    Stripes this is only for beauty. If you want to take it, I suggest you do not.

  11. So many people love Asian girls these days, and there’s more and more of them all the time. Asian girls should be proud to be Asian – and look Asian – and just leave their faces the hell alone!

  12. Doc I was going to post the same thing, yesterday. I don’t find the Asian eyelid at all unattractive.

    I can, perhaps, understand it for a model or actress who wants to get a wider spectrum of work. But, even then, I would never wish it upon any woman.

  13. Good comments everybody! 🙂 I agree with the Doc as usual and thanks Christine for the info.

    Strangely I tried to enter this thread yesterday and got the Thai police BANNED! page..? While neither AS or ASG are banned… Anyway, I was suddenly able to get in today.

    As to what Niners said, yes, there are issues regarding women’s right in NK of course – and it is too bad. We happened to have a story the same day here:

    Sexuality issues in North Korea – I thought it was interesting (you get so little out of the Hermit Kingdom).

    It was kinda North Korea day for us…

    Finally dazn – yes, ‘good’ monsters. 🙂

    I’m in Thailand for 2 weeks if anybody is up for a beer or five as discussed before. Let me know!

  14. I have to say I have mixed feeling about this one. I thought the sotry was going to be about increasing bust lines in the female population by natural happenings. I like breasts, in mostly all their forms but thats not my point.

    My point is I’m on one hand glad to see that such “frivolous” things are making their way in to society in a sort of way as that you don’t always have to be thinking about the big picture and your next move because if you didn’t you’d die.

    I’m saddened because augmentation suggest that you needed improvement in the first place. There are many women I see everyday booth local and by other means that I think would benefit from putting down the makeup and never having been cut. I’m not all natural and nothing else but I also believe that most people don’t need these things and I can only hope that it brings them some sort of peace that they were looking for.

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