Lucy Liu and Puffy AmiYumi in Gap campaign

Lucy Liu in Gap campaign

Puffy Amiyumi and Lucy Liu are in the new fall 2007 Gap campaign.Lucy Liu (The Little Black Sweater Dress, $59.50)

Puffy AmiYumi (The Wide Leg Jean, $59.50)

Puffy Amiyumi in Gap campaign

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  1. Puffy AmiYumi is a J-pop duo that has been around since 1995. The duo is comprised of Ami Onuki (right– i think) and Yumi Yoshimura (left?). (Yumi usually has shorter hair, which has been her distinguishing characteristic in the photos…but now I really can’t tell.) Their official English website is here:

    Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi is a cartoon on Cartoon Network. Produced by a fan, it follows the lives of animated versions of Ami and Yumi. I think this is how they’ve gained fame over here, but they are still not big enough to be trailed by celebrity gossip columns or anything like that… so, it still shocked me when Gap decided to feature Puffy in their campaign alongside “big names” like Selma Blair, Sarah Silverman, and Lucy Liu.

    I don’t really listen to their music, but it seems like something which Mike (Abundo) could appreciate.

  2. Thanks for the info Christine – I’ve just given you posting rights. You seem to have a lot more knowledge of current Asian pop culture than we “old farts” who are blogging now, so I trust you will be able to fill a significant gap for us! 🙂

  3. Seems we are getting old fashion male on earth right now.
    I hate when someone break down hegemony. JK.

  4. The GAP has been doing way cool ads for years.

    While Lucy Liu is an absolute looker, it bums me out that her awesome freckles are often caked over with make-up or photoshopped out of nearly every image of her.

    As for Puffy, I’m totally down with them. They are played up as a kind of sugary, j-pop duo, but in reality they are edgy-chicks who can totally rock out. Check out songs like “Umi Heto,” “Jet Police,” and “Aoi Ringo.”

    Ten years ago, J-gal rockers Shone Knife would be filling Puffy’s spot in this campaign–and leaving me giddy.

  5. I also love Lucy’s freckles, so I hate it when they are either photoshopped out or caked over with makeup because there is no need to. Overall, the ad campaign looks good. I just wish Lucy looked a little bit better though.

  6. I’ve enjoyed Puffy for a long time, they’ve come to town a few times. Glad to see them in an ad! They are so cute!

  7. Lucy Liu is an enigma, to me. There are times, i swear she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. (OK, I may be stretching that a little, but not much.)

    But, other times she looks to…well…I’m having trouble coming up with the right description: “hard”, perhaps…”severe” maybe?

    I have even seen her look rather plain (I know, she was still hot…but plain). She was in an old episode of NYPD Blue in the late 90’s. She played a nanny accused of shaking a baby to death. She looked very young (despite being over 30, I think) and not “glamorous”, at all.

    Normally I attribute this king of malleability to models who often have faces that are more “neutral” than “beautiful”. that is, they make a good palette for makeup designers, photogs, etc. Somehow, though, Lucy just seems to damn naturally pretty to fit that mold.

    Oh, and I agree with Inaction, I LOVE her freckles.

  8. And Lucy is still single, as far as I know. Interesting.

    Who’s the Yummy in that other group?
    Oh, foggettaboutit, they both are… 🙂

    christine when you blog don’t forget the topic is *always* women. Just wanted to get this message across very clearly, lol.

  9. Puffy is the group name in Japan. They added the other stuff to avoid confusion with Sean Puffy Combs, lol.

  10. Ken’s a badass…all props to him.

    I love Lucy Liu man…never get tired of seeing her. Thanks for the post!

  11. Lucy seems to elicit mixed reactions; there’s a qualified acknowledgment of her beauty. Why? What about her says ‘almost beautiful?’ I think her eyes are particularly beautiful–maybe that carries the rest? Thoughts?

  12. I think it is just her personality… she seems to carry it no matter if she is playing a part in a movie, or being herself in an interview.

    She’s Lucy Liu… isnt that enuf?

    And thanks to anyone that posts stuff about her… I think she is awesome!!!

  13. I once read in an interview with Lucy, where she stated that guys with “yellow fever” really turned her off.

    Lucy should just be happy anyone finds her attractive at all. Not one of my Asian friends find her remotely attractive.

  14. cec32, sometimes guys with yellow fever turn me off too 🙁

    when the guys ONLY like asian girls to the point where it’s necessary for them in dating, that’s when it gets creepy. no offense! 😛

  15. I heard a great story about a guy with yellow fever recently. He was totally obsessed with Chinese culture: he always ate Chinese food, watched Chinese films and listened to Chinese music. He eventually asked his girlfriend to teach him Mandarin, but there was just one small problem: she was actually Vietnamese!

    For the record, I am theoretically open to dating white girls, but they almost never like me, whereas Asian girls (especially Chinese!) very often do. I think the simple reality is that I am more culturally compatible with Asians than whites, as I don’t drink, smoke, watch sport or do any of the things Aussies use as a “social lubricant”. But Asian girls usually like the fact that I am this way. 😉

  16. How true: smoking & drinking is so unpopular in places such as China & Japan (insert roll of eyes here).

    Why is an Asian preference creepy? What if I dated only blonde chicks? Would anyone have a problem with that? I doubt it.

  17. Yes, it is true that Asian men do this a lot, but Asian women generally don’t, and they respect a man who doesn’t. Indeed, even Asian men respect me for this, whereas Aussies just think I’m some kind of freak. The big exception of course are Japanese girls – which is probably the reason why I’m not as popular with them as I am with other Asian girls. 😉

  18. On the other hand, I take luvjgirls’ point: there’s nothing wrong with having a particular physical preference, and there are men who only date blondes!

  19. well, from my perspective: when i go on dates with these guys, sometimes i wonder if these guys like me only because i am asian – as if being asian means that i don’t have to have nearly as stellar a personality or looks.

    additionally, i don’t mind if it’s an asian guy who only dates asian girls (of the same nationality, usually). but when it comes to white guys, given the US’ spotty history of race issues and skewed perceptions of different ethnicities, i sometimes do have to wonder if “just liking asians” is as innocent as it sounds. sometimes it is – like lee pointed out, there are people who are just really into the culture and everything having to do with asia. on the other hand, i’ve had guys who’ve met me and when i didn’t fit some of the asian girl personality molds (one being the quiet, bookish, nice to the point of passivity, submissive asian girl), they got turned off.

    case-by-case, obviously it depends. if you’re a really all-around great guy and you just like asians, that’s a personality trait that i’ll overlook – the same goes with me and foot fetishes or anything like that. but i’ve just kind of come to associate yellow fever with creepy guys or assholes, so i’m sorry that i suspect that yellow fever is sometimes a pretense for ulterior interests.

  20. I guess the bottom line here is that this isn’t something one can safely make sweeping generalisations about, as with most things regarding the relationship between men and women, or different races. But having said that, I completely understand where Christine is coming from: I guess what she is trying to say is, she wants a guy who likes her for the person she is, and not simply because she is Asian. And that is something I think any reasonable person can agree with. Besides, Christine certainly isn’t your typical Asian girl! 😉

  21. i guess i use to think like christine…about non asian dating asian. but come to believe that it is possible to be attracted to the person of a different race…just as long as it is not the sole purpose for non-asian to make it a point or mission to date an asian guy or girl.

    we need to give doc some slacks since he is white but somehow he is so attracted to asian. :)) especially big boobs ones 🙂

    as long as you are attracted to someone irregardless of their race than i think it is ok….i have been attracted to, whites, blacks, south americans and just about all countries represented by the UN so you cant blame people for being attracted to a nice asian girl. 🙂

    wind of change? i think that was line from a Scorpion’s song 🙂 I felt some wind there too :))

  22. there is that ancient adage, “thou who hast smelt it, indeed hath dealt it”

    but obviously, if you felt it [coming out of your butt], then you most definitely are the perpetrator. no doubts about it.

    and i think i’m being nice here when i’m saying that he’s the culprit, because — if you felt wind from someone else, doesn’t that mean that you had to have been standing reasonably close so that his/her butt was facing you? yeeeah lawboy, you can try to talk your way out of that one but all signs point to either lawboy-to-butt interaction.

    (and btw lawboy, you know darn well that that was perfectly set up for a gay joke, but since you’ve stopped calling me chris, i’ve stopped insinuating your homosexuality 😀 peacetime!)

  23. there is that ancient adage, “thou who hast smelt it, indeed hath dealt it”

    Jesus Christine(!), do you ever run out of gags? You are so f***ing funny! 🙂

  24. I’ve dated Asian girls nearly exclusively for ten years. While being an attractive Asian might get my attention, if I find her dull, a golddigger, too crazy for me, lousy in bed, or just not a good match of personalities, those are things I could never overlook simply because she’s a hot Asian.

  25. Lucy is hot no matter what! I think the point of the ad photo was to show neutrality…black & white. And, yes her freckles are amazing!

  26. I think Lucy’s pretty, but I just automatically associate her with the “Ling”character she played on “Alley McBeal”, who seemed to think that she was sexier than anyone else thought she was.

  27. I’ve heard guys say they have an “Asian fetish”. That to me sounds creepy. Sure I like Asian girls and have a healthy interest in Asian cultures – I’m learning Mandarin and love a good martial arts movie 😛 – but, I wouldn’t say I fall into that fetish category. I’m just a sucker for petite women with dark hair. Asian or white.

    I know there are some people out there who think all Asian women are “quiet, bookish, nice to the point of passivity, submissive” as Christine said, but I guess they’ve just never met a real Asian woman and watch too many movies. Because that certainly doesn’t describe any I know.

  28. Well, I’m sure there are some out there. I just don’t know any personally. Most of the Asian girls I know (mostly Chinese) are outgoing, independent, and in no way quiet & submissive.

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